Why did Simon and Garfunkel split up

60 years Simon and Garfunkel - they hated each other behind the stage

A new book describes the nastiness with which the successful duo have beaten each other.

When you saw both of them on stage and they got hits like “Mrs. Robinson "sang, you had to consider them to be best friends: The tall Art Garfunkel (76) with his angel curls and the little one with the guitar next to him, Paul Simon (76).

But in contrast to the harmony in the singing, envy, hatred and meanness prevailed between the successful duo Simon and Garfunkel. This is how Paul Simon describes it in "The Life", an authorized biography which will be published on May 8th.

The story of two men who wrote music history together, but can't stand each other at all. They met as boys. Art Garfunkel grew up in Queens, New York, a few blocks from Paul Simon. They are school friends and discovered their love for music while performing "Alice in Wonderland".

Art has the nicer voice, Paul finds the better fingerings on the guitar. Together they both sound magical. However, there is still another reason for their initial friendship: compassion. “I felt sorry for Paul because of his height,” says Art Garfunkel (1.83 m) to “Rolling Stone” about his 1.60 meter friend. “I wanted to give him love, but I made a monster. . . "

In 1957 they recorded the Everly Brothers track “Hey Schoolgirl” as the duo “Tom & Jerry”. Number 49 on the charts. The record bosses want more songs, Paul agrees - but without informing Art beforehand. He's upset: "I'll never forget!"

For four years they do not exchange a word. Nevertheless they released “The Sound Of Silence” in 1965, the single brought the breakthrough. In 1969 they finally became stars with the soundtrack for the film "The Graduation" with Dustin Hoffman.

But when the headlights go out, the truth emerges: Art Garfunkel, whose voice the fans so adore, is dependent on the composer Paul Simon. He suffers from inferiority complexes - also because of his body size. “People wondered why I wasn't happy,” writes Paul Simon. "But all I saw in the mirror was this little guy full of problems." And Art Garfunkel stabbed that wound. “No matter what happens, I'll always be bigger than you,” he says during a photo session.

Each of the two feels like the other's prisoner: we're fine on our own, but world class only together. There are always arguments. "The first two verses of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water" were very good, "said Simon of" Die Zeit ". “But then Art came into the studio with our producer and told me that a third verse was necessary. I let myself be spread, wanted to avoid arguments. Exactly this stuck-on verse pulls the song down. "

"Paul often thought that audiences saw Art as the star because he was the acclaimed singer," says manager Mort Lewis. “Some probably thought that he even wrote the songs.” Art Garfunkel, the architecture student, is also suddenly in demand in the cinema: in 1969 he played in “Catch 22”. Simon was supposed to be there too, but his role was removed from the script.

The possibility that his singing partner might also become a film star now brings the barrel to overflow with Paul Simon: “The director wanted to make him a big star, but Art didn't understand why I was upset. He said the filming would only take half a year, so I could write the songs for the next album during that time. I thought, 'F *** you, I'm not going to do this!' When he was making the film, something broke between us. We were done together! "

The duo separated in 1971 - and Art Garfunkel added: “We were at the height of our success and Paul is running away! Such an idiot! He's got a Napoleon complex! ”There is often silence for years - then they always come together for concerts together.

The longing of the fans and the sales of their records (38 million) bring Simon & Garfunkel back to the stage.

They gave their most beautiful concert in 1981 in New York's Central Park. In 1983 they even want to release an album together. All songs are recorded. Because they have another argument, Simon records the album again solo. Then there is a break again. Until 1993.

Then the “Event of a Lifetime” tour begins. But because of a criticism after a performance in New York, the duo clashes hard again. The critic praises Paul Simon's performance, partner Art says succinctly: "He turned out to be a great co-singer of Mr. Simon ..."

Garfunkel, who has been degraded to a “co-singer”, is so angry that manager Joseph Rascoff (65) has to build himself up between the two so that they don't attack each other: “I really believed that if a knife had been on the table, one of them would have used it for them, ”says Simon's biography.

In 2010 they want to go on tour together again. Art does not inform his partner early enough about his vocal cord problems, the planned tour has to be canceled. For Paul Simon this is (once again) finally over. “I'm just disappointed,” he says. "Art abused our trust."

And the women? Simon's marriage to Peggy Harper failed in 1975 after six years. The marriage with Hollywood star Carrie Fisher († 60, "Star Wars") divorced in 1984 after only one year. Edie Brickell (52) has been his wife since 1992. The couple have three children.

Art Garfunkel's first marriage to Linda Grossman ended in 1974 after only two years. His partner afterwards, the photographer Laurie Bird, took her own life in Garfunkel's apartment in 1979 at the age of 25. He has been married to Kim Cermak (60) for the second time since 1988, with whom he has son James Arthur (17).

This year Simon and Garfunkel are going on tour again. But not together, but solo. The only thing between them is the "Sound Of Silence".

There was also a crash with these duos!

► Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders

Biggest hit: "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" (1984).

The duo: Dieter Bohlen (64), Thomas Anders (55).

Sound carriers sold: 120 million

Career: 1984–1987, 1998–2003.

Reason for separation: interference by Thomas Anders's girlfriend.

► Sonny and Cher

Biggest hit: "I Got You Babe" (1965).

The duo: Sonny Bono († 62) and his wife Cher (71).

Sound carriers sold: 80 million

Career: 1964–1974.

Reason for separation: divorce (1974). After that, Cher made a solo career and landed a world hit in 1998 with “Believe”.

► Oasis

Biggest hit: "Wonderwall" (1995).

The duo: Brothers Liam (45) and Noel Gallagher (50) in the band Oasis.

Sound carriers sold: 80 million

Career: 1991–2009.

Reason for separation: differences between the two brothers, separation in 2009. Both continue to work solo.

► Ike and Tina Turner

Biggest hit: "River Deep, Montain High" (1966).

The duo: Ike Turner († 75) and Anna Mae Bullock (78), stage name "Tina Turner".

Records sold: 20 million.

Career: 1960–1975.

Reason for separation: violence in marriage (1978). Tina makes a world career, Ike dies in 2007.

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