What is educational counseling

Goals and core tasks of educational counseling

Lifelong advice supports those responsible in Europe in achieving a number of common political goals (CEDEFOP 2005):


One goal is therefore efficient investment in education and training. The aim is to increase participation and graduation rates in education and training by improving the coordination of interests and skills of the individual with the educational offers.


Another goal is to improve work performance and motivation, as well as the retention rate in working life, and to reduce the time spent looking for work and unemployed. On the one hand, this is to be achieved by improving the coordination of competencies and interests of the individual with job and career development opportunities. On the other hand, by making individuals aware of current and future employment and educational opportunities as well as geographical and professional mobility.


Another goal is to promote lifelong learning. Continuous education and training is intended to support the personal development and employability of all citizens. In view of the increasingly diverse yet interlinked educational pathways, counseling should help to find the personal path, to discover transferable skills and to have non-formal and informal education validated.


Advice should also support the (re) integration of all citizens and groups - including third-country nationals - into the education system, society and the economy. The main focus here is on those who have difficulty accessing or understanding educational and job-related information in order to achieve social inclusion, active citizenship, and a reduction in long-term unemployment and poverty cycles.


Counseling should also support citizens in overcoming gender-specific, ethnic, age-related, disability-related, social origin and institutional barriers in education and employment.
And last but not least, advice should promote higher employment rates and the further development of the workforce for the knowledge-based economy and society.