What prevents testicular cancer

Prevent testicular cancer with mustache

Men grow a mustache and raise money for the fight against prostate and testicular cancer. Shortly before the end of the "Movember" campaign, it was better known than ever in Germany - but it didn't bring more money.

Oscar winner Christoph Waltz did it, and so did entire soccer teams. And since "Wetten, dass ..?" Moderator Markus Lanz lost his city bet in Graz at the beginning of November and grew a mustache, the "Movember" campaign has never been more popular in Germany.

The footballers from SV Darmstadt 98 and TSV 1860 Munich also took part. Mesut Özil was also seen unshaven at the "Laureus Media Prize". Ski star Felix Neureuther and soccer world champion Benedikt Höwedes are therefore "Mo Bros", as the organization calls the men who register and let their whiskers grow. "Movember is going unshaven in the face!" Wrote Höwedes at the beginning of the month on Facebook and called for support for the campaign.

In November, the beard does not curl a hair

The "Movember Foundation", by its own account the "leading organization for improving men's health", has been calling for the campaign in Germany for three years, which has brought in a few million, especially in the USA, for the fight against prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

The goal: not to shave off the beard for the whole of November, document the growing hair in social networks, donate and collect donations. Everything in the service of "men's health". "Movember" is made up of mustache, the English word for mustache, and the month of November. However, the "Movember" did not trigger a hype like the "Ice Bucket Challenge" a few months ago, with which money was to be collected for research into the nervous disease ALS.

Up to 20,000 likes on Facebook

More than 10,000 people in Germany had registered on the "Movember" homepage just two weeks before the end of the campaign, last year there were a total of 9,000, as a spokesman in Munich said. The Facebook page of "Movember" in Germany is scratching the 20,000 likes mark.

In 2013, a total of 360,000 euros were raised in donations. That was still a long way off around ten days before the end of the campaign. On November 19th, "Movember" reported only around 170,000 donated euros in Germany, which was 13th in the country ranking behind France and Singapore.

From a pub bet to a worldwide movement

Among other things, the money will go to the aid association for prostate cancer. The organizers are confident that there will be a lot more in the final spurt by November 30th. Most of the money so far has been donated in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, according to Movember. In total, more than 28 million euros have been raised worldwide this year.

According to "Movember" the whole thing started once - eleven years ago - as a bet in an Australian pub. In 2003, 30 friends competed to see who could grow the most remarkable mustache within a month to advertise a good cause. A worldwide movement developed from the idea, which is now active in 21 countries. Since the start of "Movember", according to the organization, a total of four million participants have collected donations totaling more than 409 million euros.

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