What does sic mean in Latin?

What does sic mean? The abbreviation simply explained

Latin abbreviation

What the abbreviation “sic” means is difficult to see at first glance. It is part of a now extremely complex list of abbreviations in the Internet language. “Sic” can be found more often in scientific papers or journalistic articles than in chats. It's an abbreviation from Latin.

“Sic” is the abbreviation of the Latin sentence “Sic erat scriptum”, which translates as “as it was written”. It is used to give particular clarity to statements. The meaning of the abbreviation is something like “really so”. As a rule, “sic” is used as an editorial supplement to quotations or statements.

Different possible uses of the abbreviation "sic"

  • In quotations: “sic” indicates that an immediately preceding quotation was correctly quoted. This is necessary, for example, if there is a spelling error in the quotation. The word “sic” is intended to indicate that you, as the author, are not responsible for this spelling mistake. In addition, a special feature can be highlighted in the quote and at the same time it can be made clear that you are aware of this special feature.
  • The peculiarity that should be pointed out can be, for example, a contradiction in terms of content or an outdated spelling.
  • In print templates: The insert [sic] is intended to inform the writer in print templates that such a peculiarity occurs in the text. This is to avoid errors in printing.
  • If the abbreviation "sic" is placed in a text, the author must put it in square brackets. The largest field of application for the insert is scientific work, but [sic] can also be found in online sources.
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