What are Jack Jack's 17 powers

Jack-Jack's powers

In the movie Incredibles 2, Jack-Jack was one of the best parts of the entire movie. Throughout the film, Jack-Jacks are shown to have many different powers, from laser eyes to angry demon.

My question is overall, how many powers does Jack-Jack have?

If there is an article or interview that mentions the forces it would be for the best.


All of them. He is an all-rounder.

Surya Tej

(Spoiler alert - if you haven't seen the movie yet)

Jack Jack demonstrated 17 different powers in the film They are

  • Electrokinesis (When Bob discovered Jack had powers to Jack, Baby demonstrates it for a moment),
  • Transformation into metal (as a scene in the first film against the syndrome),
  • Levitation
  • Super strength resistance durability (against raccoon scene),
  • Human torch (fire baby during the movie),
  • Rocket jump (when sneezing),
  • Reality Distortion (in the incredible scene of the car)
  • Cloning yourself (duplicates)
  • Mimicry and shape change (with Edna)
  • Demon baby
  • Elastic Baby (when raccoon tries to pull its face it feels rubbery)
  • Giant baby, (Juggernaut moment)
  • Teleportation, (cookie scenes)
  • Phase adjustment (phase through glass doors and walls)
  • Interdimensional Travel (Cookie Scene)
  • Telekenisis (close cover, remove hyponsis glasses)
  • Laser Vision (the best of all)


This would be better if they were listed with examples of where he used it. A really good answer could include a shot of any force used, and imo would attract good votes against.

David Grinberg

Matthew Wilcoxson

I assumed that its main power was being able to transform into other things (as you mention: giant, rubber band, demon, etc.). On the other hand, "Reality Distortion" may be its only ability.