Graduate School or Employment

Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies

Excellence Initiative: Graduate School 1046

At two locations (LMU Munich and University of Regensburg) the graduate school for East and Southeast European Studies creates excellent conditions for doctoral projects dealing with the history, politics, law, language, culture and art of East and Southeast Europe. The dissertation topics offer numerous points of contact for interdisciplinary cooperation and are united by an innovative research approach: The regions of Eastern and Southeastern Europe are considered in their relationships to other regions of the world such as East Asia, Western Europe and North America, as the societies and cultures of Eastern and Southeastern Europe have supra-regional references and entanglements are shaped (e.g. by migration movements or the antagonism between "East" and "West" in the Cold War). Conversely, a European history can only be complete if Eastern and Southeastern Europe are taken into account as an integral part of it.
The curriculum provides an early guide to independent research and offers ways of individual preparation for both academic and non-academic careers. The intensive international integration of doctoral candidates and postdocs is promoted through specific measures. Another feature of the graduate school is the strong integration of non-university research institutions in Munich and Regensburg.