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Women's sportswear - Lidl is worth it.

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Get off the sofa and get into your sportswear! Leisure time fitness is one of the easiest ways to feel better. And high-quality functional clothing is the best support for the run, for yoga, Pilates and all kinds of sports that really challenge. So the weaker self really doesn't have a chance!

  • UEFA European Football Championship T-shirt women, with cotton and elastaneAvailable as: V-neck & round neckline
    Particularities: Optimal fit thanks to elastane
  • CRIVIT® functional tights women, with key pocketAvailable in: patterned / purple, black & gray
    Features: with key pocket
  • CRIVIT® functional capri women, with key pocketAvailable in: patterned / pink & black
    Features: quick-drying and moisture-wicking
    Particularities: reflective details
  • CRIVIT® sport bustier / bra women, racer backAvailable in: patterned / pink & black
    Features: High-level bustier
    Particularities: Racer back
  • CRIVIT® functional top women, quick-dryingAvailable in: black, pink & patterned / pink
    Features: reflective details
  • CRIVIT® running socks women, 2 pairs, comfort waistbandAvailable in: black & black / white
    Features: Comfort waistband
    Particularities: Heel and toe pads
  • CRIVIT® women's lightweight trekking jacketUltra-light and warm thanks to high-quality padding
  • CRIVIT® functional top women, moisture-wicking, with elastaneAvailable in: Black, gray & bordeaux
  • CRIVIT® sports bustier / bra, 2 pieces, high level, with elastaneAvailable in: Anthracite / berry & anthracite / black
    Features: High-level bustier
    Particularities: Optimal fit and dimensional stability thanks to the LYCRA® fiber
    each 2 pcs
  • CRIVIT® sports bustier, 2 pieces, medium level, with removable pads, with elastaneAvailable in: Black / anthracite & black / berry
    Features: Medium-level bustier
    particularities With removable pads
    each 2 pcs
  • CRIVIT® functional shorts women, integrated key pocket, with elastane, quick-dryingAvailable in: Black & Bordeaux
    Features: Integrated key pocket in the waistband
  • CRIVIT® Sport Bustier women, Light Level, with elastaneAvailable in: Navy / Blue & Black / Gray
  • CRIVIT® Sport Bustier women, with removable padsAvailable in: black pink
    Features: High-level bustier