What does Rx mean in medical terms

Performance: No advertising in the RX area

Problem in the RX area: Why advertising via Google is not possible here

Prescription drugs are not allowed to be advertised via Google Ads. The reason? The RX area includes categories that are legally or culturally sensitive and should not be supported in connection with personalized ads. For reasons of data protection law, it is forbidden to place personalized advertising in connection with health-related content. These include:

  • Physical or mental health problems, including medical conditions, chronic illnesses, and sexual health
  • Services or procedures related to health problems
  • Products used to treat or manage health problems, including over-the-counter medicines and medical devices
  • Long-term or short-term health problems related to intimate areas or functions of the body, such as the genital area, digestive system, or urinary tract
  • Invasive medical interventions, including cosmetic surgery

There is one exception: prescription drugs can be advertised to doctors. But: Identifying doctors via Google is simply not possible. This means that a wide-reaching online advertising channel is no longer available - namely the Google Disyplay Network (GDN). The GDN is a large network of possible advertising platforms for Google AdWords banners. It makes it easier for advertisers to choose the right websites for their advertising campaigns and is the linchpin for placing your products - just not for RX products. These may only be advertised on websites with a special login area, because doctors clearly identify themselves as such here. Since the number of websites is not particularly large and so is your potential
If the target group of doctors is comparatively small, an advertising campaign for RX products will not be profitable for you - you can use your budget more sensibly!

It is therefore essential that you focus your marketing measures on the OTC area! Here you can map almost everything with Google, since in this case the target group consists not only of doctors - but also of patients and pharmacists.

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