What is meant by a mini project

Mini project - bathroom equipment

Fetching the toilet seat from the woodworking workshop is almost done. The 5-layer structure cannot be recognized that quickly.
The idea for this came to me when I saw the grain of a wooden plank that also contained some sapwood. The effect was finally created by mirroring the sawn veneer.

I had already tried the technique of the 5-layer structure much earlier

It is important that the joints are tight, otherwise ugly gaps will appear later on the visible edges.

Before anyone suspects plagiarism: Yes, it is based on a design that is more than 50 years old, but the chair has one in the foot area essentialother Execution that I find visually more beautiful than the original. There are also some other changes in detail. By the way, the chair is made of maple.

I put the toilet paper stock holder on my order list.
If you like, you can download the template for the spacer star (BADM 07-01-01 paper holder - spacer star.pdf). If you are interested, I also offer the template for the toilet seat - free of charge, of course, then please report by PM.



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