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  1. Sarah Young

    I am with you - morning and evening devotions: 366 love letters from Jesus.

    Current review by: TrustInTheLord

    In this edition of I'm with you You will not only find a morning devotion for every day of the year - even in a leap year! - but also a corresponding evening prayer. There is even a short thought right before going to bed.
    As in other Sarah Young books, her devotions are provided with appropriate scriptures. Since every day is designed on a double page and the space is therefore very limited, only the Bible passages for the evening prayer are printed. The Bible passages of the morning prayer and the impulse shortly before sleep are therefore only given.

    My opinion

    Since this devotional book is my second from Sarah Young, I knew roughly what to expect before reading it. Because, as in Always With You, the devotions are written from the perspective of our Heavenly Father. It feels like he's really speaking to you personally, as if it were exactly what he was saying. This is supported by the fact that individual biblical passages are woven into the sentences and can only be recognized by the cursive spelling.
    At first I didn't like the idea of ​​someone putting the words in God's mouth, so to speak. But Sarah Young does it in such a faithful and even humble way that you really get the feeling that God is speaking to you, that these words may not be exactly His, but are words that are inspired by Him. But read for yourself what Sarah says about it:
    I knew what I was writing wasn't inspired by the Holy Ghost in the way the Bible was, but what I heard helped me grow closer to God. [...] In the years in which I have been listening to God's speeches with pen in hand, I have noticed that certain aspects of the peace that He wants to give us come to the fore in what I write down. I am sure this partly reflects my personal needs. But I find that most of the people I get to know also look to the peace that only God can give us. This regular practice of “listening” to God's words has deepened my relationship with him far more than any other spiritual exercise. Therefore I would like to pass on some of what I wrote down in these times of silence. […] The Bible is of course the only infallible word of God; what I write must live up to this unchangeable standard.

    In the introduction to the foreword and in the introduction to this devotional book, Sarah tells us much more about how we should read and use these devotions, and she also tells us a great deal about herself. You get a feeling for this woman and for her deep relationship with God, and also for the fact that the words in this devotion were directed by God. That's what makes Sarah Young's books so special. Because they were written while Sarah was fully focused on God and Jesus, God's presence reaches through the words to the reader. I assume that this is the only reason why you have the feeling that God speaks to you personally with these words.

    The morning devotions are a little too short for me, they could have always filled a page. I think it's good that the evening prayers are shorter than those in the morning, because I usually have less time in the evening than in the morning. I especially like the fact that there is a short impulse right before you fall asleep. So the first and last thought of the day is a thought of God our Lord. I particularly liked the fact that the evening prayer and the impulse before going to sleep take up the thoughts of the morning prayer again, but do not repeat them.

    However, I have also noticed that it is difficult for me to read the devotions regularly. Especially when I'm well, I quickly forget to use them to get strength from God. On the other hand, I devour them all the more in bad times (see review of Always with you). But that doesn't make the devotions any less helpful when one is happy. The devotions are not only written for bad times, because they are very diverse and, especially in good times, remind you to never take your eyes off Jesus.

    As already mentioned, the appropriate biblical passages are given for each devotion. For the printed Bible passages of the evening prayer, it is always indicated from which translation the Bible text was used. Abbreviations are used for this. In the imprint on the last page of the book, the individual abbreviations are then assigned to the appropriate Bible translations.


    Even if “I'm with you” was unfortunately only printed in black and white, the individual pages are lovingly designed and rich in detail. So that it does not appear monotonous despite the lack of color, shades of gray were used for the various highlights.
    The book is also equipped with a ribbon bookmark and a rubber band.
    In addition to the normal edition, there is also the club edition, which I rated in this review.


    I can therefore recommend the book to all those who are looking for a devotional book that contains coordinated devotions both in the morning and in the evening.
    Who are looking for a devotional book that was written from God's perspective and based on the Bible.
    Who are looking for a devotional book that is personal and close to everyday life.