Which Royal Enfield is more reliable

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AW: what do you think of Royal Enfield?

Well, this brand is something very special. Certainly not to be compared with what is otherwise going on on our streets. Actually, any comparison is basically forbidden. You have to like the style of motorcycling or look elsewhere. Just a look at the performance data shows that total deceleration is the order of the day. The attraction lies elsewhere.

In the summer I got myself a piece, more precisely a Himalayan. The FJR is a beautiful motorcycle, but it reaches its limits in certain situations. With a Royal Enfield you can go anywhere, almost regardless of the type. I had seen the 10000km report from Noraly (familiar to anyone who knows the brand), and then I got into it. Noraly covered 36000km on the way home without any major problems. So much for reliability. Otherwise, everything is just real mechanical engineering. In the home country, the parts also have to serve as a family vehicle, and that with the road conditions there. You know where the pounds come from, lightweight construction looks different. The workmanship is surprisingly good, even if a bit rustic in some places. Like everything.

The dealer network is now not as dense as it is with the more well-known brands. Wasn't that an issue for me now, I'd rather drive a little further to the workshop that I really trust. And it is seldom as familiar as my Enfield dealer. Not a crucial point, just an add-on.

Just take an extensive test drive. Either the spark jumps over, or you should keep your hands off it. It's just a gut thing. If you only look at the numbers, you will be right, but you will not understand.
gued goahn!