Can I use ORCFile for HBase?

HDP with faster hive

Version 1.3 of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is ready with the first results of the Stinger Initiative presented in February. Their work on the Apache Hive SQL layer has probably already made it 50 times faster and expanded the scope of the SQL semantics that can be used up to now.

In addition to the integration of Hive 0.11 into the open-source data platform, which combines various Apache projects from the Hadoop environment, HDFS access is now also available, which is based on NFS v3, so that the file system is like one in the network existing attached drive can be accessed. In addition, better Oracle and Netezza connectors should make it easier to access company data. In addition, the developers worked on the support of Hcatalog in the data transfer tool Sqoop, which should now also offer the possibility of transferring data to / from RCFile and ORCFile.

Ambari, the administration and provisioning tool for Hadoop, contains improved job diagnostics, new heat maps and supports additional company platforms in HDP 1.3. HDP now makes HDFS and HBase snapshots so that data can be restored better if necessary, whereby the column-oriented NoSQL database has also been updated to a new version (HBase and now table snapshots and shorter recovery times after failures for Hadoop working online applications promises. (jul)

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