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Ciara: love comeback after just a month of separation?

On / off relationships are not uncommon in the world of celebrities, but we were surprised that R’n’B singer Ciara and rapper Future were supposed to have gotten together again after the nasty rumors of affairs and only a month of separation. Are the two and their son Future a small, happy family again?

Ciara’s son, little Future Zahir, was born in May of this year. Less than three months later, Future Senior is said to have cheated on his fiancée with another woman. On this bad news Ciara immediately separated from her boyfriend, with whom she had had a stable relationship for four years.

But apparently the waves between Ciara and her ex have smoothed out again. As the online portal "TMZ" reports, the two should even live together again. Ciara turned a blind eye because of the baby, according to a well-informed, unknown source. This is how fast it can go from ex to re-engaged, from "off" to "on".

Ciara and Future share a bed again

Furthermore, the source is said to have revealed that Ciara just doesn't want her little son to grow up without a father by his - and her - side. Ciara and little Future have mostly spent the last few months as a couple and on the singer's Instagram profile it initially seemed as if the two were enjoying their mother-son time to the fullest. Yet I think Ciara just thinks her ex is a good father and she does not want to withhold his child from him, "TMZ" reports on.

Can that go well? Staying together because of a child isn't necessarily the best basis for building a relationship. On the other hand, Ciara knows best what her little boy needs and what doesn't. And one thing is certain: a child needs its dad! We keep our fingers crossed for both of them that the reconciliation will work out.

Image source: gettyimages / Frederick M. Brown