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Protests continue: baseball teams leave the field

The teams thus joined the series of protests by numerous athletes from various US leagues on Friday (08/28/2020 / local time). The boycotts were triggered by the latest act of violence by police officers against a 29-year-old family man who was seriously injured by gunfire. The Milwaukee Bucks basketball players then boycotted their NBA game, kicking off the protest movement, which was then carried into many US sports leagues.

Remembering the first black MLB player

First, players from both teams put number 42 shirts and a "Black Lives Matter" shirt on the field to commemorate Jack Robinson. The former baseball player made sports history in 1947 as he was the first black player to play in the MLB since 1884.

Robinson is a symbol of the integration of black athletes into American professional sport. The professionals, who also wore jerseys with the number 42, gathered in their positions at the scheduled start time to hold a minute of silence. Then they left the field closed.

The day before, the New York Mets and the Miami Marlins had decided on a similar action. The MLB had left the decision to the teams whether they wanted to appear. The other games took place.

Investigation against an owner of several football clubs

Meanwhile, Major League Soccer announced an investigation into Dell Loy Hansen. The owner of several American soccer teams is said to have stopped his activities during this time. The owner of the clubs Real Salt Lake (Major League Soccer), Real Monarchs (United Soccer League) and Utah Royals (National Women's Soccer League) said in a radio interview that he had decided not to accuse the players in protest against police violence want to find "disrespectful". They would have "taken a lot of wind out of the sails" by Hansen's plan to invest in the team.

In the meantime, Hansen has turned this off in another interview: "I sincerely apologize to anyone who thinks I don't see the purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement", he said:"I see him." The German MLS player Julian Gressel, who works for D.C. United plays, Hansen mentioned on Twitter and wrote: "Time to sell the team." On Friday, Gressel also said that the discussion had to be maintained and the relevance of the movement had to be preserved.

Several sports leagues want to resume operations

After the basketball league NBA, meanwhile, the women's basketball league WNBA and the MLS announced the continuation of their seasons. The first games in the WNBA were scheduled for Friday (local time). The MLS scheduled Montreal Impact's first game against Toronto FC for Friday evening (local time). The NBA announced on Friday that it would continue its playoffs on Saturday.

Status: 08/29/2020, 10:03 am