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Stylewarz is a real DJ legend in the German and European hip hop scene. In our practical tutorial "DJ Stylewarz" you will receive exciting first-hand information and useful expert tips to be able to replay the thirty-minute DJCity set from the Hamburg record rider and music producer from scratch. As part of this article and on the occasion of his current album release, Bonedo author Detlef Rick conducted a telephone interview with the artist, from which all quotations and other information in the text are taken.

DJ Stylewarz has been musically active since the mid-80s and did important pioneering work with his formation No Remorze at the time. Several years in a row he was named the most popular DJ of the year by the well-known German hip hop magazine "Juice" and he is one of the few reliable constants in the fast-moving German hip hop landscape.

Currently, DJ Stylewarz is out and about in European clubs more than ever and operates his own label "alongside". Exactly about this he released his current, second solo album called "The last of its kind" in March 2019. Stylewarz is not someone who rests on his laurels, but someone who stays “on top of his game”. Such an artist is a good role model for your own career and that is exactly why we will look at his vita and his fingers in the following.

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Michael Whitelov, the real name of DJ Stylewarz (47), is not a man of big words. He prefers to "speak" with his hands on the turntable. But when he opens his mouth, he expresses his honest opinion completely unfiltered and without regard to any injured vanities of musical colleagues. This is shown, among other things, by the now legendary dispute between him and DJ Thomilla (Turntable Rockers / Stuttgart), to whom he wrote the diss track “Disslinie No.” in 2000. 1 ”dedicated. Although Stylewarz has enjoyed a high level of awareness through various media such as Viva Freestyle or MTV since the nineties, he was always an artist who sailed outside the commercial waters. He is certainly a man of the classic hip hop school, but to limit him to that would be "far from it". First of all, here are a few important facts:

DJ Stylewarz has been active in the German hip hop scene since the eighties. (Photo: Pino Petrillo / Courtesy M.Whitelov)


Michael Whitelov was born on November 1st, 1971 in the Bremerhaven district of Lehe. He was not someone who envisioned a career as a musician from an early age. “I never asked myself that question,” he says, because such a career path was simply “not within reach” for him in his childhood and early adolescence. So he initially chose a regular job and trained as a vehicle painter. At the age of 11 or 12 he “really got into music” for the first time. As a child he was, among other things, a big fan of the band "Foreigner". His taste in music was very much influenced by American radio stations based in Germany such as AFN. In Bremerhaven he was also often surrounded by the GIs stationed there, so that even as a child he was familiar with genres such as funk and soul. DJ Stylewarz came to hip hop - like most of his companions at the time - through the media and the strong American influence of his environment (his father comes from the USA). He had his key experience at a German-American friendship festival that took place every year in his hometown at the time. At the parties of this event, scratch DJs could already be observed in the early 80s. In addition, relatives from New Jersey (USA) regularly supplied him with tapes on which radio show recordings by the legendary DJs Mr. Magic & Marley Marl (WBLS) and Red Alert (Kiss FM) could be heard, and by the end of the decade Michael Whitelov was already there traveling as a solo DJ in his region.

Together with rapper Crak, DJ Kaoz and producer TNG, he founded the group No Remorze in 1991, whose sound was shaped by the fast and uncompromisingly hard Britcore hip hop sound of the English bands Hi Jack or Gunshot. In 1992 his band released their first song called "Killa Squad" on the compilation "Kill the Nation with a Groove". Various maxis, sampler contributions and an album called "The End" followed in 1995. In 1993 he released his first solo track on the sampler "Alte Schule", which he called "Back to the Old School".

Although No Remorze officially never broke up, the members increasingly went their separate ways around the turn of the millennium. DJ Stylewarz is with himself and how it ended with his old formation, but in real terms: "I don't want to miss the time in the band with all its ups and downs," he says. Thanks to his job as a permanent DJ of the hip hop television show Freestyle (broadcast weekly on the music channel Viva from 1993 to 1995), Stylewarz became known to a wider audience. From 1996 Michael Whitelov was the live DJ of the crossover formation Such a Surge and a few years later he became a permanent stage partner of the rapper Ferris MC (EX Deichkind).

With the release of "The EP" from 2014 Stylewarz announced for the first time his second solo album!

Stylewarz published numerous maxis and features with artists such as D-Flame, Torch, Ferris MC, Toni L or Eißfeldt. His DJ mix tapes such as “B-Boy Breaks Volume 1” (1997) and “New Yorks Finest” (1999) are legendary to this day. However, he is now uploading his newer mixes to his Mixcloud account in a contemporary way.

In 2005 DJ Stylewarz was featured on the album by Deine Favoriten rappers (Sido and Harris) and accompanied the two artists on the subsequent tour. His only solo album to date, called "The Cut", was released in 2002. His companions Eißfeldt, David P, Immo, Torch and other artists were featured on this sound carrier. The record reached number 49 on the German album charts.

After a long break, he released his five-track release "The EP" in 2014. This sound carrier with guests like D-Flame, Torch and Eißfeldt (beginner) brought DJ Stylewarz back successfully into the current rap scene and prepared his audience for the album, which has now finally been released.

Michael Whitelov has been a DJ in German, Swiss and Austrian clubs for many years. He is a dynamic and very sporty guy, because in addition to his musical activities, he is a passionate cyclist and snowboarder. He can perfectly combine his snowboarding hobby with his job, as he regularly travels as a DJ in the well-known winter sports regions of Switzerland and Austria. A look at the calendar of his website reveals that DJ Stylewarz is a much sought-after and correspondingly frequently booked man in the local clubs.

Michael Whitelov was the permanent stage partner of Ferris MC for a long time.

DJ ranking and style

Stylewarz was voted Germany's best DJ from 2000 to 2003 by the well-known German hip hop magazine Juice. When asked about his life motto, Stylewarz says without thinking about it: “Be Original”.

And that's exactly what he seems to take to heart in his music productions. His sound is based on classic hip hop, but his music cannot be restricted by alleged rules of the genre. Since Michael Whitelov is a “record trigger”, samples appear again and again in his songs, but there are also tracks that “atypically” get along without music quotations from other sound carriers. In addition to a clear Hip Hop signature, his titles also have an electronic (bass-heavy) component that has its origins in the British sound of genres such as DnB or Dubstep. Since DJ Stylewarz productions sound very unique, they cannot really be compared stylistically with typical American songs, in contrast to some of the sound carriers of his German colleagues.

His trademark as a DJ are undoubtedly his scratching skills, which are very recognized in the scene. "If you can't scratch, you are not a really good DJ in my eyes," is his point of view. "Skills are the most important thing!". He means the basic technical skills that every serious Hip Hop DJ should have. Michael's DJ role models include DJ Marley Marl (NYC / Juice Crew), Mixmaster Ice (NYC / UTFO) as well as DJ Supreme from the British hip hop formation Hi Jack.

DJ Stylewarz prefers to go solo in clubs or on festival stages, etc. As a DJ for other artists, he is now only active in exceptional cases. “This whole area is now far too inflationary for me. I like to give way to other DJs. I only go on stage with artists with whom I also really work creatively and where the framework is just right, ”says Michael. However, he doesn't see himself as a scratch DJ or a turntablist, because at the time when he was When DJing started, a good DJ had to "have it all". In his club sets, for example, he focuses on a “good sound selection” and “clean mixing”. Scratching and turntablist interludes also occur there, of course, but only briefly and always "on point".

"If you can't scratch, you're not a really good DJ in my eyes," says DJ Stylewarz. (Photo: Hendrik Gergen / Courtesy of M.Whitelov)

The dominant genres of his DJ sets are hip hop, reggae and bass music. DJ Stylewarz understands “bass music” to mean all music where the bass “is the main element”. So we're talking about DnB, Grime, Trap and so on. Anyone who has ever seen Michael Whitelov in a club knows that he is anything but a “jukebox DJ”. His statement on this subject is:

"If you just want to hear your five favorite rap hits in the evening, you've come to the wrong place." In contrast to some of his colleagues, he sees himself in the role of the club DJ as "an independent artist rather than a simple service provider". And it is precisely this uncompromising manner that defines DJ Stylewarz. Love it, or leave it!

Current publications

His most recent release (as of April 9, 2019) is his second solo album with sixteen songs and entitled "The last of its kind", which was released at the end of March 2019. This long player is available digitally on all download platforms (ITunes, Amazon, etc.) and streaming portals (Spotify, Tidal, etc.), as well as double vinyl (colored vinyl & black).

Stylewarz was able to attract artists such as Trettmann, Samy Deluxe, Torch, Flo Mega, Lakmann, Megaloh and many more as feature guests for this release. Apparently, Michael Whitelov manages the balancing act on this sound carrier between classic “boombap” rap, trap-like autotune songs, Britcore-influenced up-tempo numbers, as well as pure DJ tracks and much more. But the songs always have his very own signature.

The first (advance) single "Balance" with guests Trettmann and Megaloh caused a sensation and helped the album to the top of the Hip Hop Vinyl (HHV) charts, as well as to the now indispensable placements in the "big" Spotify playlists of the genre.