How can we prove our love

10 ways to show your love

In order for a relationship to be fulfilling for both sides, it is important to regularly show the partner that you love them. This is not always easy, because in everyday life, attentions and tenderness are very often forgotten. One of the worst things you can do to your relationship is that you take the other (s) for granted.

To prevent that from happening, there are ten ways you can instantly show your love:

1. Offer support

Is your partner stressed and needs help with something? Ask about it. And if you can help with anything, do it. As quickly as possible!

2. Give him / her preference

Sometimes two appointments meet and the question arises: what to do? Do you accept the invitation of your work colleagues or spend a nice evening with your loved one? One thing is certain: if you consciously choose the latter, you will surely let him / her feel how important he / she is.

3. Give in, apologize, and forgive

Certainly: disputes in the relationship can be quite nerve-wracking. Somehow everyone wants to be right and assert themselves over the other. Or is it not? Well: it doesn't always have to be. Because if you can put your own ego aside, you show the other that in the end he / she is the most important thing. This also includes saying, without overcoming too much: "Honey, I'm sorry" or even forgiving once your partner has screwed up.

4. Stand up with him / her

Do you go to work at different times and get up at different times? Nevertheless, get out of bed with him / her every now and then. Just because. To start the day together.

5. Cook your favorite food

And if he / she comes home late: Just leave a pot full to the brim with his / her favorite dish as a "greeting from the kitchen". What better way to express that one thinks of the other!

6. Write to SMS

Those who send each other messages over and over again during the day will remain lovingly connected even on a hectic working day.

7. Flirt

Does passion fall by the wayside in a long relationship? Nonsense! Flirt for all you know. With your sweetheart!

8. Strive for the relationship

Every couple goes through difficult times at some point that can also test their relationship. Show your partner that he / she is still the only one for you. And that you will fight for the relationship as long as you can also trust. No matter what happens!

9. Take off the mask

Those who show their partner who they really are are also showing their love. Because taking off a mask or breaking a protective wall requires the courage to be vulnerable. And only those who show their vulnerable side can allow emotional intimacy in love.

10. Say thank you

One of the most important things of all: Seeing the other person and appreciating that they are there. That he spends his time and life with you. That he does small and big things for you, to which you sometimes seem blind in everyday life. Just say "thank you" as often as possible. With that you say: "I love you".

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