How can I fix this network problem

How to systematically troubleshoot network errors

Thorsten Eggeling

Network troubleshooting can be a challenge even for professionals. With this guide you will solve all connection problems step by step.

EnlargeThis is how you systematically get to the bottom of the network error.
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Network errors can have many causes, such as faulty cabling, incorrect WiFi configuration or a defective network adapter, to name just a few. Troubleshooting can be a challenge even for PC professionals. With these PC-WELT instructions you can solve your network problem step by step.

In an emergency: Internet repair checklist

Since network problems can have so many different causes, you can get to the bottom of them quickly and efficiently with a systematic error analysis.

Internet failure: first aid for the router

The router is the heart of a network. In this guide you will find out everything you need to know about the settings of your router.

Fix network errors: How to check your network adapter

One cause can be defective hardware. This guide will tell you whether your network cable, network adapter or WLAN adapter is damaged or faulty drivers are the cause of the problem.

Internet emergency help: Check network configuration in case of problems

Under Windows you do not have to make any network settings. If these were changed manually, you will find instructions here on how to reactivate the automatic detection.

Network tip: If you have network problems: Repair shares

If you would like to access another computer in the network and access does not work despite authorization, you will find help in this guide.

Video tip: How to create and manage homegroups in Windows 7 and share your data in the network is explained here in this Video2Brain tutorial. Have fun watching!