What is meant by packaging in marketing

Packaging designConvince the customer with the packaging

Packaging has to look appealing and attract attention, otherwise it gets lost in the abundance of goods. Especially with impulse purchases, i.e. Unplanned purchases, the packaging design has a strong effect on the customer.


First and foremost: the packaging must appeal to customers with all of their senses, because the emotionalization of a brand plays a major role. The multi-sensor system is a suitable tool to position the brand in several dimensions and to convince the customer. However, it depends on the type of product which senses should be addressed and how. It is also a question of price: For high-priced products, more can and should be invested in packaging.


The visual design has the greatest impact, because it generates the first attention and directs the eye to the brand. The colors, the fonts, the shape and much more determine the appearance of a packaging.

The color of the packaging in particular determines the purchase of consumer goods. A study by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has proven this. The author of the study, Professor Frank Huber, explains: “The color of the packaging has proven to be the most important feature. Manufacturers should definitely orientate themselves on current trends with regard to the color, so that the product to be sold catches the eye simply because of the color choice. "


Haptic impressions are also important. However, the potential customer only perceives this when touching it. The product should lie comfortably in the hand and, for example, have a nice, handy shape or a pleasant surface.


The acoustics are also very important for some products. What would a bag of chips be without crackling? Noises from the packaging convey a brand sound and serve as a further distinguishing feature of the brand. They suggest stability, quality or product durability and generate tension, curiosity and interest in buying. However, some acoustic properties only unfold when the door is opened and therefore do not have an effect on the first purchase, but are only decisive for the next purchase.


Scent signals also influence the purchase decision. However, they have to be used accentuated and also very discreet, because otherwise there would be a smell chaos in the shop. Fragrances play less of a role in the packaging than in the product itself. However, the packaging can release the fragrance of the contents, for example by offering a special opening for it.

With all these sensual packaging properties, care must be taken to ensure that they fit together, form a unit and result in a meaningful combination.