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Last November, Borderlands 3 co-writer Danny Homan took the time to tell us how Typhon DeLeon - the legendary explorer whose ECHO logs are scattered across the Borderlands 3 galaxy - became such an important character in the Borderlands story became. At the same time he offered to answer a few questions about the first chamber hunter. These questions, selected from a thread in the Gearbox forum, and the corresponding answers can be found here. Before you read any further, however, you should know that some of them significant spoilers for the main plot of Borderlands 3 contain. You have been warned! And now let's look at a few little-known facts about the first vault hunter.

What was Typhon's childhood like (apart from his poop farming family)?

Typhon lived on Pandora before Atlas arrived. The beginnings of the settlement were incredibly dangerous, but at least Typhon's family didn't have to worry about any corporations or bandits! As a child, he helped his family defend the court, explored the wastes of Pandora, explored Eridian ruins, and killed nightmarish monsters - which is what children do.

How can you imagine a poop farm on Pandora?

First of all as background information: The one about the poop farmers comes from co-author Sam Winkler, who threw swear words around during a recording session. The "poop farmer" somehow got stuck!

When we finished a draft for the main game, we looked for ways to suggest in advance that Typhon is the father of the Calypso twins. But it was also extremely important to us that the first chamber hunter comes from a VERY modest background. We imagined that the player would first find out about Typhon and only MUCH later hear Troy's insult - that's just one example of how we've built the connection between Typhon, Tyreen, and Troy. And that's how Typhon's family became poop farmers.

Speaking of poop: I was once on a mountain hike to a remote hut and met a few other hikers. When I asked them if I was close to the hut, they laughed and said yes, but there was a madman who had been collecting horse manure all day to burn in the wood stove and keep warm with it. The story came back to me as we pondered what it was like on Pandora BEFORE the corporations came.

To come back to the question of how one should imagine a poop farm on Pandora ... Well, "Poop farmer" is actually a misnomer. It should rather be called "poop collector". The idea behind this is to use the poop of giant Pandoran monsters as fuel. You just use what the country has to offer!

What would Typhon's skill tree look like?

Good question! I'll pass it on to Dante Silva, my fellow writer on Borderlands 3!


Action Skill: Chuzpecalypse

Typhon's rate of fire is significantly increased and he is armed with a second firearm. As long as "Chuzpekalypse" is active, Typhon fires continuously in all directions with a shot and causes indirect damage in its vicinity until the magazines of both equipped weapons are empty. Killing an enemy significantly increases the reload speed and weapon switching speed. When changing weapons, both weapons that Typhon has equipped are changed.

Passive skill: You have guts, kid

When Typhon gains strength by taking out an enemy, he is temporarily immune to all damage and is healed for a portion of all damage done. This ability has a cooldown.

Passive skill: The other one looks even worse

If Typhon's shield is broken, he gains a "The Other Looks Bad" stack every time he takes damage. Each stack "The other one looks worse" increases its melee damage. All stacks are consumed when his shield begins to recharge or when he deals damage to an enemy with a melee attack.


Action Skill: Action hero

Typhon equips his laser whip, which has a limited battery, in his left hand. He can tap the alternate fire briefly to quickly attack with the laser whip, or hold it down to tie up an enemy. Whip attacks drain the battery. Shackled enemies have a significantly lower movement speed.

Passive Skill: Too much information

When Typhon deals gun damage, it gains an "Too Much Information" stack. With each stack of "Too Much Information", his lunge distance increases in close combat. All stacks are consumed when he deals damage to an enemy with a melee attack.

Passive skill: Whip party

When Typhon makes a bondage attack with his laser whip, the enemy will be drawn towards him. With each Whip Party rank, Typhon's bondage attack can hit an additional enemy at the same time.


Action Skill: Ham

Typhon activates the power of his ham. Damage against his back is greatly reduced. By holding down the alternative fire, he can taste the ham. Typhon's movement speed is reduced, he continuously regenerates health, and his health cannot drop below 1. Damage that would lower his health below 1 immediately ends "Ham".

Passive Skill: Ham smash

When Ham Slam is active, Typhon's smash attack can be launched from a lower altitude. Smash's radius and damage increase the higher he attacks.

Melee Override: Schinkerang

If Typhon is damaged in the back, he receives a stack of "Schinkerang". A melee attack consumes all of the "Ham Rank" stacks. When Typhon makes a melee attack, he throws his buttock, which attacks the targeted enemy and returns to Typhon, dealing additional damage for each "Ham Rank" stack consumed.

What happened to the first chamber after Typhon found it?

Atlas looted and sealed the technology inside.

How could Typhon open the chamber? Promethea open without killing the chamber monster?

Typhon did not open the chamber on Promethea that the player visits in Borderlands 3. He opened another chamber that the player doesn't know.

After Typhon opened the chamber, Atlas hired him to look for more chambers. The more Typhon had to do with Atlas, the more disappointed he was in the corporation, which with its newfound wealth and power did nothing for the people of Promethea.

One of Typhon's ECHO logs tells how he tries to mislead Atlas by claiming that he cannot find any more chambers on Promethea.

When I found the first chamber, Atlas sent me to every corner of Promethea, but I never found another. Soon they were accusing me of putting them off. By Typhon's honor ... there are no other chambers on Promethea. And it's better that way. If you let loose a monster on a city, you should have one more to defend yourself! I saw that in an old documentary before the expansion. It was really good!

Is there an ECHO log in which you can find out that the twins have the surname Calypso from their mother?

No, this detail is only hinted at. However, Tannis discovers the connection and in a dialogue remembers meeting a Leda Calypso a long time ago when she was still working for Dahl.

When did Typhon realize what Troy and Tyreen did after Nekrotafeyo? How did he feel when he found out about her actions?

It's hard to imagine what Typhon went through so many years ago (well, he had his bots Sparrow and Grouse). Imagine that. You raise your children alone, but they are the most unique, unusual children in the galaxy. You know what the corporations would do if they knew about it, so you try to hide the kids for their protection. To pass the time, tell them stories about a galaxy they will probably never get to know. Then they go out and use that knowledge to commit horrific deeds.

It is not the first time Typhon has faced the galactic consequences of his choices. By discovering the Chamber on Promethea, he used in a new age of exploration in which corporations unscrupulously sought the power of the Chambers.

Why didn't Typhon try to stop his children himself?

When Tyreen and Troy leave their father behind on Nekrotafeyo, he has almost nothing left. Typhon is cut off from everything and has no way of communicating with the outside world - until Maliwan arrives. Then Typhon steals a modern ECHO device and learns for the first time what his children have been doing since they left him.

Typhon is now doing everything possible to find his children. He told them about Pandora's destroyer, but he knows that if they charge Elpis and open Pandora, he has the best chance of stopping them. Right next to the machine. The protection. And of course Typhon also has the classic parental conflict: After all, neither parent wants to believe that their children are monsters. Most cannot accept this knowledge. In the end, Typhon knows that Tyreen will return.

Was Typhon correct in speculating that Eden-6Spaceships could suck in, since they are part of the grave guard?

In any case. Typhon's superpower is his sixth sense. He may not be the smartest or strongest adventurer, but he can rely on his gut instinct. He is very intuitive and trusts his instincts.

How did Tannis cope with the news of the death of one of her heroes?

In the game she says in the context: "DeLeon is dead. You have to stop Tyreen. Only that counts now." It is typical for Tannis that she prefers to keep her feelings to herself. But that doesn't mean she isn't grieving. At this moment Tannis is aware that there is more at stake, namely the fate of Pandora and the whole galaxy.

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