How to watch Watchmen for free

"Watchmen": This is how you can stream the series for free this weekend

The US series "Watchmen" is available for free this weekend. HBO decided to do so in the course of the "Black Lives Matter" movement and wants to take a clear position against racism.

The HBO series "Watchmen" ran in Germany on the pay-TV channel Sky, but this weekend all interested series fans can access it for free: HBO is making all nine episodes of the series by "Lost" creator Damon Lindelof available for streaming. The entire season can not only be streamed within America, but fans all over the world have the chance to take a look. The free offer is available from June 19 to June 21 - if you haven't planned anything this weekend, you can join the dystopian world of the masked avenger at any time. "Watchmen" gained great fame primarily through the comic strip by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, as well as the film adaptation of the same name with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Racist Assault

Damon Lindelof's series takes place in the"Watchmen"World, but consists largely of completely new characters. The plot is detached from the comic; Lindelof tells his very own story, which also deals with racism. The big enemy is the racist group "Seventh Cavalry", which perpetrated terrorist attacks on police officers while hiding behind the famous Rorschach masks. The police - led by Judd Crawford (Don Johnson) - are trying to master the situation, but the mood in the country is heating up more and more. One episode of the series thematizes the Tulsa massacre. Almost 300 people were killed in the race on the night of May 31st, 1921. You can see all nine episodes of "Watchmen" under the following link:

If you don't have time this weekend or would prefer to see the series in German: "Watchmen" (in German and English) is still available on Sky, e.g. via Sky Ticket.