Is there a Netflix alternative in India?

Cheap Netflix: That's why it doesn't exist in Germany

In two countries, Netflix offers a subscription model that costs less than half what is cheap in Germany. Netflix sees no potential for this here. But that can change.

Disney and Apple will take their first steps in the streaming market next month. The current industry leader Netflix remains flexible and is establishing new models. As Tech Crunch reports, Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching in Malaysia heavily discounted offerthat works exclusively on mobile devices.

Cheap Netflix model: these are the features in detail

The mobile-only offer has been running in another Asian country since July: India. The framework conditions of the model in Malaysia hardly differ from this.

  • The costs: In Malaysia, customers have to convert for the mobile subscription $ 4 pay. In India it's only $ 2.80. For comparison: In Malaysia the next cheapest subscription level "Standard" starts at 7.80 US dollars, in India at 7.20 US dollars. In Germany, the standard level costs a similar amount at 7.99 euros.
  • Allowed playback devices: Subscribers are allowed to watch Netflix content on their tablets and smartphones. And really only there. The transfer of the images to a television - for example via screen mirroring or HDMI cable - is prevented.
  • The image quality: Subscription users stream their series with poorer quality. With 480p, the images are played on the small screens - which allows more leeway in possibly unstable reception situations. With the standard subscription, the streams usually reach 720p.

Why isn't there a cheap Netflix mobile subscription in Germany?

In India and Malaysia, mobile subscriptions didn't spring up overnight either. The launch was preceded by a test phase, as Netflix recognized the potential of a mobile-only plan in these countries early on. The local conditions cannot be compared with those in Germany.

The smartphone use: The densely populated India is the second largest smartphone market in the world, although the smartphone density is higher in Germany. However, Indians use their smartphones differently than Germans, who have more playback devices and thus more alternatives: Smart TV, laptop, Playstation ...

According to Netflix's Director of Product Innovation, Indians use their smartphones more than any other country in the world for media consumption. He also describes Malaysia as "true mobile first nation". 88 percent of the people here own a smartphone. With its mobile-first plan, Netflix wants to benefit from precisely these consumer habits.

The competition: In both India and Malaysia, Netflix competes with streaming services that offer their content at extraordinarily low prices. Tech Crunch names iFlix, Dimsum, playTV and Astro Go for Malaysia. The price was is tough and pushes Netflix to the limit. During the test run in India, Netflix had the mobile subscription cost 3.60 US dollars and corrected the price significantly at the final launch (to 2.80 dollars).

The spread of cheap streaming services has of course something to do with the income situation in India and Malaysia. In Malaysia the middle class is not as big as in Germany. The countries in Southeast Asia are tech-savvy, but in many parts they are characterized by poverty. The cost of living is rising, but incomes are not keeping pace.

in the rich Germany Netflix works with more leeway in prices and does not have to sell off ultra-cheap offers in order to win or retain customers. Here customers are (still) ready to pay the previous Netflix prices.

In Germany, the subscription levels are also moving somewhat, but so far only upwards. With the arrival of new streaming services such as Apple TV + and Disney +, the price acceptance for streaming services will also shift in Germany. Both services are cheaper than Netflix.

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