What is the main belief of bhakti

Individual Hindu groups believe in many different things. But there are some things that a great many or even all of the Hindus believe in common. These include the world soul, eternal rebirth, many gods and karma.

Hindus believe in that World soul. Many Hindus name them Brahman, the divine principle. Other Hindus prefer to speak of Ishvara, the lord of the world. He is the world soul in person. Hindus believe that the divine shines out of all things. That is why there is in Hinduism countless gods and heavenly beings.

Hindus believe in that eternal rebirth of our soul after death. They are convinced that when a person or an animal dies, only the body dies.

Hindus believe in that karma. This is the name of a law according to which every act has consequences. What you do now can even affect your next life afterwards.

Hindus believe that we do a lot during our life on earth suffering have to endure. Hence, they long very much for an end to eternal rebirth. The hope for liberation is called moksha.

Hindus believe that three ways of salvation can lead out of the cycle of rebirths. They are called the path of knowledge, the path of action and the path of love for God.

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