Delivers Shein products in India

So you can order from in India

At first glance, ordering from Amazon India ( has many advantages. This gives you access to an attractive variety of products and benefits from particularly low prices. To order from Amazon India, a customer can use his existing German account. The problem: does not ship outside of India. Accordingly, a detour is necessary to order from the Indian Amazon. How this works in detail is shown in the following guide.

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Quick guide

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your German account and put your products in the shopping cart.
  3. For example, create an Indian delivery address with
  4. Include the Indian delivery address on
  5. Complete your order.

You will find detailed instructions and a lot more information on all steps in the further course of this guide.

At a glance

  • only sends within India (not to Germany)
  • A detour via services such as Indianmailbox is necessary
  • High additional fees and duties
  • As a rule, the effort is not worth it
  • Many products from Amazon come from the Marketplace (not directly from Amazon) only ships within India

The bad news right at the beginning: Unfortunately, ordering from is not that straightforward. That's because Amazon India domestic goods only, so in India, sent. If you try to buy products in the Indian Amazon shop anyway, you will receive the message after selecting your German delivery address at the latest: "Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selects address". Delivery to Germany is still possible via a detour.

You can use a service like Indianmailbox. Here you get an Indian delivery address to which the corresponding order can be delivered. From there it goes on to the desired address in Germany. But the prices are not cheap. So already costs one A package weighing 1.5 kilos, for example, with "DHL ExpressÔÇťAround $ 85.

Order step by step as a German customer from Amazon India

In the following we would like to show you step by step how you can order from as a German.

Step 1: Go to and shop

The German Amazon customer can initially easily access the Indian Amazon website. Since the website is completely available in English, there are usually no language problems. The Log-in is with the German Amazon account possible without any problems. After logging in, you can shop to your heart's content. For search results, you should enter your desired article in English. When you have your items in the shopping cart, you can proceed to the checkout process.

Select a product, add it to your shopping cart, then go to the shopping cart to complete your order.

Automatic translation by only available in English

In contrast to other international Amazon platforms, can only be viewed in English. To make the shopping experience easier, we recommend using "Translator plug-ins"For your browser:

You can download the plug-in directly here:

Don't be alarmed at the Indian prices! The euro is worth a lot more than the Indian rupee. To know how much your item costs in euros, you can use our currency converter:

Step 2: Receive Indian delivery address with Indianmailbox

Now the customer from Germany has to use the service of a service provider like This company provides a delivery address in India, which can then be entered as the delivery address in the Amazon order process. Then you no longer receive an error message. The The detour via Indianmailbox naturally takes additional time in claim.

At Indian mailbox you can use the button "Sign up"As a one-time user ("One time user") Or as a multiple user ("Regular user") Sign in.

Choose between two types of users for Indian mailbox.

Then fill out a registration document in which you enter your details. In addition, you must have a Proof of your address (e.g. rental agreement) and proof of your identity (e.g. identity card) upload. This is necessary due to the regulations of the Indian postal department and to ensure that the customer is 'real'. After you sign up, you will be given an Indian address that you can use on also provides a calculator so you know in advance how much your shipment will cost. These costs are in addition to the shipping costs from Cost calculator

Step 3: Wait for the order and pay customs duties

Enter the Indian postal address of as the delivery address for your order. When your order is complete, the package will be shipped from to the address. They then send your package to Germany. will also provide you with a tracking number to keep track of the status of your package. This process can take a few weeks. You should also be prepared to pay customs duties.

Video tutorial

In the following video we have clearly summarized how ordering via the Indian Amazon site works.

Customs duties and additional fees for an Amazon in order

Anyone who orders something from and has it delivered to Germany must expect additional fees. On the one hand there are the costs for the service of Indian mailbox. On the other hand, the customer has to be prepared to pay customs duties in the form of import sales tax (Wiki: What is import sales tax?).

  • Order value under 22 euros: There are no customs duties to be paid. If necessary, however, the customs office can request proof of an invoice or proof of payment.
  • Order value 22 to 150 euros: Import sales tax in the amount of the value added tax applicable in this country (= 19 percent) must be paid.
  • Orders over 150 euros: In addition to the import sales tax of 19 percent, additional customs duties must be paid. How high these are depends on the product type.

Duties and Taxes

Orders from Asia have to go through customs. Depending on the order value (i.e. the value of the goods + shipping costs), different taxes have to be paid. Read more about customs duties: This is how customs clearance works.

The customs regulations are the same in all Asian countries.
It is also possible that your package is not declared on the outside and is therefore held up at customs.


It can be said that ordering from is not entirely unproblematic for German customers. Amazon India only sends the shipments domestically. As a result, delivery to Germany is not possible. Instead, the customer has to go through an external service provider such as Indianmailbox.

In addition to the customs fees, which are due anyway, there are not inconsiderable additional costs. As an Amazon customer in Germany, you should think twice about whether the time and financial investment is really worth it. It should also be noted that many of the products offered on Amazon come from Indian third-party providers. Few products are sold directly from Amazon India.