How was the CA Foundation math paper

A program with the aim of improving the strength of glasses and examining their topological structural properties in the microscopic range also has high innovation potential - possible areas of application are mechanical engineering, architecture or telecommunications.

The programs that have now been set up are largely interdisciplinary - they bring biology and mathematics together to develop a new mathematical basis and theory for innovative evolutionary biology.

A program that deals with sea and inland ports from antiquity to the Middle Ages and understands them, including the surrounding transport and trade routes, as complex systems that research not only various humanities, but also geophysics and Ocean research.

Possible application areas include mechanical engineering, architecture and telecommunications.

To a large extent, the newly established priority programs take an interdisciplinary approach. One will, for example, bring together fields such as biology and mathematics in order to develop a new mathematical foundation for an innovative theory of evolutionary biology.

New ground is also being broken by a program which focuses on sea and river ports from Antiquity to the Middle Ages and interprets them and their associated transport and trade routes in terms of complex systems.