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Luftensteiner J - (December 2017)

Absolutely ingenious, great, exciting tasks that make you really excited! We were both really hot and played a second round before the "graduation"! Read the review on Amazon to the end.

For sparkling evenings

SH - (September 2018)

Clear purchase recommendation Read the review on Amazon to the end.

Fantastic game for 2 :)

the_Pate - (January 2020)

First of all: my partner and I think the game is absolutely recommendable! We are both u30 and don't need the game to spice up our s ** life :) we only have it for fun. Processing: Great packaging, high-quality cards and sturdy board .... Read the review on Amazon to the end.

Just great!

Sabine E - (December 2019)

The tasks and questions are really well chosen or prescribed. Simply discuss in pairs before playing what you don't want and what you want. For example, when doing a task with juice, use chocolate sauce instead if you prefer. Very ... Read the review on Amazon to the end.

Great game for couples to bring a little pep into the relationship.

Smarty - (November 2019)

We ordered the game in the hope of freshening up our love life. And what can I say, we are both absolutely thrilled. We've only played it once so far but we both got ours and it also has a new ... review Read through on Amazon.

Slows down everyday life. Accelerates the pulse.

Nash - (September 2019)

Highly recommended for an extensive, erotic evening for two, with good wine and candlelight. After a while, you can increase the kick with the BDSM extension. And with a little imagination and creativity you can also read your own rules of the game with ... Read the review on Amazon to the end.

I recommend it ...

Amazon customer - (July 2017)

We really enjoy the game. It brings a lot of variety. I bought the first extension straight away. I recommend it! Read the review on Amazon to the end.

tease & please 2020

Sebekow - (December 2017)

This is a really great game. Although you know your partner, you still learn hidden details about it :) Great game! Read the review on Amazon to the end.

Good board game for 2

RR1987 - (January 2019)

In order to have fun with this game, you have to be a little closer to your playing partner, I would say. Depending on which philosophy you follow in terms of love and sex ... For reserved and shy people, the game will ... Read the review on Amazon to the end.

Great game with sometimes strange tasks

We - (November 2018)

The game is pretty simple, which of course helps to focus on the partner the partner. Basically, it's about walking across the field and being allowed to do tender, then intimate and then hot tasks. Das ... Read the review on Amazon to the end.
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