Will my mother mean to me

This is how you describe the relationship with your mothers in just one sentence

The relationship with one's own mother is often something very special: for some people she is one of the closest caregivers and remains that way for a lifetime. Others, on the other hand, have no or only a bad relationship with their own mother. You followed our request and anonymously told us how you would describe your relationship with your mother in just one sentence.

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The answers range from the closest intimacy and great love to total distance and cutting the cord. We have put together some reactions for you.

Moral compass

"My mother is my anchor point, my moral compass, my father substitute and my best friend rolled into one."

"She once said to me that no one will ever do more for me than she does - and I think she is right about that."

I don't love her, but it's nice to know we're always there for each other.

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Affection grows with distance

"I loved her, but she could never show it, and when she died a world collapsed for me."

"Complicated: The affection and understanding between us grows with the distance."

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"Closest confidante and best friend - at the same time my favorite argument about society, politics and educational issues."

My mom is my role model, my heroine, my solid rock.

"Without my great, psycho, lovable hippie mom, nothing works!"


"After a psychologically and physically violent childhood, she has had no place in my life for 28 years!"

"It's complicated."

"She is super proud of me and what I've become - but she still likes to remind me of visits to the doctor, the timely filing of the tax return and other stuff that I could forget."

“She was an angry old woman all her life and that's how she died: angry, lonely and alone. Can you be happy about your mother's death? "

"Mostly unstable, crappy at the moment."


"My mother is a warm, loving woman who always takes care of everything and everyone, and for that I love her even more, but I am also often afraid that she will overpower herself."

"My mother is my heroine, she was shaped by her deeds and qualities of infinite love, security and strength."