How do I track DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks

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Follow this for a long time .... Good speculations and one with a great proposal for a solution, but also only a proposal that would destroy a lot of computers
The hackers are safe over proxy anyway, if he's in the east -.- I've already had teaching experiences with it! Fortunately, I only watched

But who you want to suspect forever here, I still have no plan; D.

There are just too many LS forums, in my opinion, that are known to me, not down, but also well attended.

You won't find anything on google!

I would suggest: wait and see and have some tea !!! DDoS only works with a server, costs money (more time, more money) OR with many small PCs that are in normal households, but many of them turn off the part at night and can therefore no longer be used for DDoS ... Or these people notice that the computer has a permanent upload and go to a specialist ....

So wait and see how it looks in a week. The community will be preserved and a forum will always be there ...

Otherwise go to Modsource in the TS ^^ team meeting

If that is no longer on Skype, where someone with a 100k line has to host for 100 men; D.

O.o what am I getting into here? In the worst case scenario? No, kidding aside: Nobody will get US down, we'll find each other again! These people just want us to give up, but we have to hold on ... Hopefully they'll soon have the blue light on their front door

Well, I've said enough about my position, now let's speculate again and and and