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Withdrawal from fluoxetine (Mutan)

07/27/2014 - comment from sideeffect:

Hello everyone, I was wondering what your experiences were when you discontinued Fluoxetine / Mutan?
I am currently traveling abroad without proper access to a doctor. I haven't been able to take pills for three days and wonder what could happen ... so what withdrawal symptoms did you have, how did you deal with them ... I hope my symptoms are not that severe ... I had only taken it for 9 days.

08/03/2014 - Stop - Comment from SPQR:
How high was your dose of sideeffect? As soon as I stopped taking this, I immediately became so scared that I wished I hadn't stopped ... LOL. But I was ’only‘ on 20mg, maybe the dose makes the difference when you quit?

08/07/2014 - Don't be afraid - comment from xray:
Mutan has a long half-life, so you won't get withdrawal symptoms until you've been on it for a few weeks. A few years ago I did a cold withdrawal from Fluoxetine 20mg and experienced no physical withdrawal symptoms, but be careful with the emotional ones. I developed chronic depression after stopping Fluox (on two separate occasions), which only subsided when I restarted my medication.

Incidentally, I stopped taking 5 mg fluoxetine last Christmas and got some light brain zaps, even though my nervous system was already in a mess from various medications (and getting off).

14.11.2014 - re: dropping - comment from Wonderbra:
Why did you take it off so quickly, sideeffect?

11/16/2014 - re: discontinued - comment from sideeffect:
Hello Wonderbra. Why did I stop? I think because the drug was difficult for me to get to and because I have a partner who didn't want me to continue taking it.

I am definitely one step further before taking the pills, but I feel the anxiety and depression return after I stop taking the medi. I'm just trying to deal with it and for the most part I'm fine even if I miss the drug a little. (20 mg Mutan) also some Ritalin.

Side effects to Prozac (fluoxetine)

09/09/2014 - comment from Tom:

I want to give a message of hope to everyone who is going through the hell of Prozac side effects. I've been depressed for seventeen years ... away again; I've tried medication, therapy, counseling, meditation. Didn't help much, really. But then I had a particularly bad phase in the summer and really was at the end of my tether.

I went to the psychiatrist and they put me on fluoxetine / Prozac. The first few days were fine, but the next few weeks seemed like absolute hell - insomnia, terrible anxiety, nightmares, crazy thoughts ... all much worse than the symptoms I was having, what the pills were for. I was very scared, very scared, and felt desperate. I thought seriously about stopping the drug and discussed the options with my family doctor. But something inside of me said: "hold out". Since I didn't have to work for a week or so, I persevered, and after that low point I began to feel better.

I've been taking Prozac 20 mg a day, in the morning - for over two months now, and I have to say I feel a lot better than before - better mood and positive - the side effects have actually decreased. I feel good at work (and even enjoy it), sleep from 11pm to 7am, and as an added bonus, I haven't smoked a cigarette in two months! The only downside was that I had to severely limit my alcohol consumption: if I have more than one glass of wine or beer, I feel terrible the next morning. But that's probably better for my health anyway!

Obviously everyone is different, and Prozac may not be for everyone who tries, but when I read some of the horror stories about side effects and really just about them, I figured I could write a bit about my positive experience since have fewer side effects. When you're right in there you think they never end, but for me they did. So if you're trying to get through this, my thoughts are with you and good luck.

Sneak out

how long can you take it?

11/24/2017 comment from sisterx:


now i have a question about medication. does anyone know how long you can take this? i mean, i have been taking fluoxetine for 1 1/2 years now and my neurologist is toying with the idea of ​​slowly letting it slip away. although i'm not that enthusiastic about the idea.

how long is the rule that you can take the medication (without significant side effects)?

thank you in advance for the answer ... lg

12/13/2017 Comment from Koala:

Hi sisterx,

I already have it after 6 weeks. discontinued total ineffectiveness.

If I were you, I would definitely try sneaking out, after all, all SSRIs have harmful side effects, even if some people don't want to admit it.

04/11/2018 comment from jom:

Hello sisterx, I could have continued Koala's contribution with negative examples of long-term therapy.
In the end, every drug has its side effects and that's why I only believe this for as long as necessary.
Didn't you also have the experience that your state has stabilized so that you could try it. Greetings jom

08/31/2018 comment from sumru:

Hello sisterx,
I've been taking an SSRI for 1.5 years now and have no major problems and don't know why I should get any. I don't sneak out until I've settled down and when I want to do it with all my heart. To do this, I still have to work out a lot.

With depression

Effect, effectiveness

01/02/2016 Comment from Tachel:

I'm taking the drug for the depression that I've had since I was a teenager. But since a friend committed suicide, it was over with me, I could no longer work, couldn't eat, had panic attacks and became suicidal. After about 25 days of fluoxetine, I was slowly starting to feel like a normal person again, and after a month and a half I felt happier than ever. The antidepressant saved me, and I will happily take it all my life if it continues to do me so well.

Experience report on fluctine

09/14/2016 comment from cubus66:

i was prescribed the drug fluctine many years ago when it was just launched and i was suffering from severe depression. the effects were extreme for me. fluctin put me in a state of constant rest and restlessness. I was forced to do something, but I didn't feel the slightest change in mood. I was able to continue working, but mentally I was getting worse and worse and the drive that this drug caused led me to keep doing more and more work because I never got to rest. I would say for me this antidepressant worked like a stimulant without any pleasant feelings.

In the end I stopped this preparation because I was already so exhausted that I already thought I could actually kill myself. I also experienced almost identical side effects from a friend of mine who had also taken this drug for a long time. I then quit my job and voluntarily went to a psychiatric clinic for a longer period of time, where I was treated with the right medication for me and also diagnosed not only with depression but also with schizoaffective psychosis. This remedy may have a positive effect on other people, but I can only advise using this drug only as an inpatient so that you can react immediately to the side effects with other drugs.

Benefits vs. side effects

03/29/2015 - comment from Anon:

I have been using Fluxet to treat my depression for several years and it has been fantastic. It had few side effects and gave me my life back. I could get out of bed and actually become a 'valuable' member of society again. I also lost quite a bit of weight while taking the medication, but that eventually balanced out. I took it until I got to the point where it stopped working for me and I never have anything before or after that worked so well. Hopefully one day it will work for me again.

11/08/2014 - Comment from Karsten:

I've been on fluneurin for a while for my depression. It helped my depression pretty well when I was on 40mg. I did have some annoying sexual side effects, however. However, it did not help much against my fear. Had no bad withdrawal symptoms either. I would recommend it.

Strong stimulating effect of Fluoxemerck

11/16/2014 - comment from Sophocles:

I've been on many types of benzos for about six years. Since I was diagnosed with cyclic vomiting. The benzos are used to reduce anxiety. I recently took way too many of my Xanax too early and my doctor said I should try fluoxetine (Fluoxemerck) because of my clinical depression, which has not yet been treated with medication or therapy. I've been taking Fluoxemerck for about six weeks and several things occurred.

I attribute the following positive effects to taking Fluoxemerck 20 mg once a day in the morning:

1. more energy
2. More motivation to use the energy
3. decreased anxiety

Well, like I said, I've also taken Xanax, 1 mg and I'm considering tapering off this benzodiazepine. The Fluoxemerck is said to have a strong stimulating effect. I am grateful for this drug. I know it increases suicidality in some, but I've never had these kinds of thoughts and the drug definitely works for me. I've been diagnosed with both generalized anxiety and depression, and the Fluoxemerck / Xanax combo seems to be for me. I hope one day I can go through life without these drugs, but for now they are helping with no side effects.

NOTE: First the Fluoxemerck triggered Akathisia (aka inner restlessness), which I compensated by doubling the Xanax. This took about two weeks, after which I went back from 6mg to 3mg per day on the Xanax.

For premenstrual dysphoria

Side effects versus effect

03/24/2015 - comment from Sonnenkind:

I take fluoxetine for my premenstrual dysphoria. I got through my first 7-day cycle for PMS (PMDD). That week I was a little uncomfortable, not feeling too well - sweating at night, some insomnia, a little nervous. However, when I got my period and noticed the amazing difference this month compared to all other excruciating months before, these side effects are well worth the effects. I've never had a PMS symptom-free month like this. It was a miracle!

12/11/2017 Comment from gastma15:

After suffering from PMS for a while, I decided it couldn't go on as it was affecting my personal life as well as my work life. I spoke to my GP who offered me various medications, including this one. At that point I felt I couldn't go on like this anymore, so I gave the drug a chance. I've been there for about 6 weeks now and I'm already feeling normal again - just like before. I don't feel scared or hate myself. It seems to have cleared my mind again. It's still early days, but it definitely helped me get back to the old me.

Experience with side effects

Erectile dysfunction

11/15/2014 - comment from D:

My parents divorced when I was around 13. My mother wanted, my father and me didn't. Of course that shook me a little; and things definitely didn't get better with puberty and whenever I was with my mom I got quick-tempered and irritable. I wasn't really sad, just angry I guess.

So my mother insisted that I see a therapist and after a few sessions I was prescribed Fluoxelich. It seemed to help; I wasn't happier, but I was less irritable.

After a couple of years I basically quit it (almost) cold turkey, and soon afterwards I noticed that my libido was kind of out of whack. I could still enjoy it to the fullest, but I didn't get 'it' that easy anymore, and now I find myself confused about my sexuality and would even say that I am more depressed than before. I did a little research and it really seems to be fluoxetine that is to blame.
In conclusion: Fluoxetine gave me moderate ED and it's really shitty. 0/10 points, I would not recommend it; prefer to take another antidepressant.

Fear of side effects

01/30/2015 - comment from guest:

I just got a prescription for fluoxetine from my doctor after trying to go without medication for almost a year.
All I read is how awful the side effects are and I am scared to take it.

How bad are the side effects and how long do they last? What I've read so far suggests that they last for weeks and make you feel awful.

I feel like a failure now to give up and try medication, but I'm really exhausted and I can't do it alone anymore.
Any advice is welcome.

02.03.2015 - Fluoxetine side effects - Comment from Elisabeth von R .:

So whoever takes a psychotropic drug because he or she has otherwise severe symptoms is not a failure! Are you a failure if you have high blood pressure and need an antihypertensive drug? Is it always wrong or the worse option to take a drug? Is that also being said to children in Africa who have no medical care? "Watch out, this is only a failure anyway, you don't need a doctor!" You wouldn't say either, would you? Would be cynical too. You shouldn't treat yourself that way either.

Fluoxetine is a very well tolerated product, some of which (in bulk packs) can also be dispensed without a prescription, as it is so well tolerated. And it has a good stabilizing effect. The other side of the coin is that the suicide rate in Germany has fallen from 18,000 to 10,000 per year in recent years. This can be attributed to the improved offer of psychotherapy, but also the increased prescription of antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs.

For bulimia, bulimia nervosa

Effect, effectiveness

03/24/2015 - comment from guest:

I am taking fluoxetine because of my bulimia. That completely changed my life. So it's whether the “voice” that tells me I'm too fat and all “bad” things in life would be better if I was thinner has grown weaker. It's still there, but I can barely hear it, and in fact, I can already ignore it. What a relief. I realized how much time I spent listening to all these negative thoughts, planning meals, covering up vomiting. I finally feel like I'm "normal". What a relief.

Switching from / to other medications

Switch from desvenlafaxine to fluoxetine

11/07/2014 - Comment from Name:

Hello everyone, I am currently still taking desvenlafaxine as an antidepressant, but will soon no longer be taking it. It works, but it seems to make me very irritable and I can't take it anymore. So, I'll be moving away soon and won't get it anymore. I have Bipolar II and social anxiety.
I'm considering switching to fluoxetine (I'm moving to Austria) because of its stimulating properties and its 5-HT 2C antagonism.

Does anyone take it? How does it work for depression and social phobia? Thanks!

Other questions, comments, testimonials

Who has experience with Felicium?

11/07/2014 - comment from Thunder Cat:

I'm interested in what other people here think of Felicium. Is it "better" than other SSRIs? I heard that fluoxetine is one of the oldest SSRIs and that it is better than others, is that true?
Would like to try Felicium ... does it make sense if you've tried other SSRIs without success? I tried seropram and felt nothing and it just made me tired. I read an old article about Felicium and that a lot of people take it because it makes you happy and changes your personality for the better.
Can it change a melancholy, depressed person into a completely different person? I have my doubts.

And does anyone know if there are any differences between the SSRIs, especially when it comes to side effects? Are they all the same or are there SSRIs that are "safer" than others and that have fewer side effects?

Intolerance, aversion

08/19/2017 comment from Peter:

I took it for years and suffered a lot from it. My doctor advised me to continue, the effects would still be felt and increased the dose. But all of the experimentation with the dose brought no relief. In the end I had to stop taking the medication because I was on the run abroad and couldn't find supplies. To my amazement, I got better and better afterwards. Back in Switzerland, I couldn't stand fluoxetine at all. Even the smallest doses caused unbearable depression. I was then prescribed other drugs. But my body reacted to all of them as described. Since I'm no longer pressured to take medication, I've been feeling much better. In addition to my illness, the medication burdened me massively for many years. I am talking about those drugs that require a blood level. Targeted sporadic intake of Xanax for anxiety or Sequase for insomnia, on the other hand, is good for me. Even coffee sporadically against tiredness is good for me.

positive experiences with panic attacks

08/25/2017 comment from Kaku 22:

I had bad panic attacks 10 years ago and didn't know what to do next! This also caused the first phases of depression! i have never taken antidepressants before! but after a few weeks I immediately noticed an enormous improvement and I could be a bit happy again !! now i have been taking mutan or fluoxetine for about 10 years and i haven't had a single panic attack !! i have to say, personally i have been using this drug not had any bad experiences! and what is also very important for many, i did not gain weight!

Fluocim / Fluoxetine dose, experience?

11/04/2018 - comment from flaptor:

Hello, what dose do you take and what is your experience with the drug? Is there perhaps someone who has taken it against their social fear? Because I did and my doctor recommended Fluocim to me.

08.11.2018 - re: experiences - comment from Schräubchen:

I was only on 10-15mg (a very low dose) and found it to be very, very energizing. I was more anxious from the drug than I have ever been in my life. But everyone reacts differently to the medication, so you may want to talk to your doctor about it again.

More testimonials

Because of severe burnout (sleep disturbance, anxiety, hypotension, agitation) I took 20 mg fluoxetine for over 18 years.
Then, because I was retired, I wanted to discontinue. Serious cardiac arrhythmias were the result for 3 months. Heart otherwise healthy. Also fears again, severe sleep disorders. No improvement. After about 8 months, take again 20 mg fluoxetine every other day. In addition 1/4 tablet of mirtazapine for sleeping.
Probably to be used until the end of life, as discontinuation is impossible.

Libido under Mutan (Fluoxetine)

04/01/2019 Comment from Egon:

Hello everyone, I have not only had positive experiences with fluoxetine, during the period of about 8 months I did not feel so bad, in combination with venlafaxine even a lot of good days. The libido was completely in the basement, but I want that not directly attributable to MUTAN alone.Was discontinued by the doctor before my first rehab in 2015, my condition without MUTAN was great, only with venlafaxine and mirtazapine, but libido has not returned to this day.

purpose said on 04/19/2021:
I've been taking 20 mg of fluoxetine for almost 3 years and recently I was taking 40 mg for about 3 weeks and now my blood level is increased and I have to take 20 mg of fluoxetine again, I would like to stop taking these things completely.
Has anyone had experience that the blood level was then suddenly increased ???
My psychiatrist said she had never seen anything like this from 40 mg.

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