Fitbit is overpriced

Practical test Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker: Twice as expensive as the Huawei Band 4 Pro, also twice as good?

Many manufacturers have been announcing blood oxygen measurement for a long time, but it is only slowly arriving in wearables. Fitbit had already installed the sensor in Charge 3, as did Huawei in Band 4 Pro. Both recently received the activation via update and also measure the heart rate around the clock; Fitbit in training mode every second, otherwise every five.

Huawei includes a silicone rubber band in two different lengths with the band 4 Pro. Fitbit, too, has two strap lengths that allow it to be adapted to wrists of different strengths; The classic tape that came with the test model is made of a stronger plastic and is a bit stubborn when it is put on. When you wear it, you don't feel the light band or the Band 4 Pro, subjectively Huawei likes the material better.

The range of accessories includes additional sports straps, fabric straps made of polyester and high-quality leather straps from Horween for the Fitbit tracker in several colors. The housing is made of plastic resin.

The variety of dials also suffers from the monochrome display. Their number was limited to 24 during the test period, Huawei offers significantly more; However, at Huawei they are also consistently colorful, there is hardly anything simple there.

Both trackers have a full touchscreen - this cannot be taken for granted, as the simpler Volume 4 from Huawei shows. Both also have a button: With the Band4 Pro it is located on the display at the bottom; the Charge 4 has an inductive button on the left. The housing is water-repellent up to 5 ATM. The protection shown in the associated standard hardly goes beyond hand washing, but both manufacturers state that you can also swim with the wearable.

Both are charged via pins on the inside. The clamp charging adapter of the Band 4 Pro has a USB port that can be connected to any micro USB, a short cable is included separately. On the go, this can be an advantage compared to the Charge 4, in which the clamp adapter takes up more space due to the permanently connected cable.