What are the principles of Enochian magic

Aleister Crowley

1875 October 12
Edward Aleister Crowley was born between 11pm and midnight in Leamington / Warwickshire. He is the son of Edward Crowley, a wealthy brewer and lay priest, and his wife Emily Bertha, nee Bishop, both followers of the "Plymouth Brethren" a Quaker sect. He later wrote of himself that he was born with three of the great signs of a Buddha and several of the small ones. His father taught him the visions of the Revelation of John from an early age.

His father did this in 1886

From 1896 to 1897, Crowley started out for mysticism, and magic, etc. to be interested and read books on alchemy and the like. He studied at Malvern, Tombridge and then at Trinity College, Cambridge, which he left in 1898 without a degree.

1898 Aceldama, his first book of poetry. November 18th he is introduced to the Golden Dawn (the order of the golden dawn). In December he receives the degree of Zelator. Its magical name is Perdurabo.

1900 January 16: Adeptus Minor. His magic motto is now Parzival. Crowley travels to Paris because of documents related to this initiation, but the order there does not allow him to inspect. He's going to Mexico.

In 1902 he went on to India and met Allan Benett (= Bikkhu Ananda Metteya) in Burma, where he climbed the K2 in the Himalay together with others. [not confirmed]

1903 Crowley begins invoking the magic of Abremelin; he's rented a house in Boleskine, Scotland, near Loch Ness. However, the work is interrupted to marry Rose Kelly, the sister of the painter Gerald Kelly.

1904 He is in Ceylon with his wife and returns to London via Cairo. From April 8th to 10th between 12pm and 1pm, the Liber Al vel Legis of Aiwaz will be revealed to him about his wife's media skills. This is also in connection with the stele which he saw in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and which is henceforth called "the Stele of Revaling". He then takes on the degree of Adeptus Major.

The Collected Works from 1905 to 1907.

1905 expedition to Kanchenjunga

1906 journey through China, invocation of Agoeides and completion of the Abremalin work. Lilith, Crowley's first daughter, dies.

In 1907 Crowley founded the "Argentum Astrum" order.

1909 to 1913 The Equinox, Vol. I, No. 1-10 published

1909 Divorce from Rose Kelley, who was admitted to a Nevenklinik two years later.
Crowley becomes Adeptus Exemptus. November 23rd to December 19th he carries out the invocations according to the Enochian system in North Africa. December: Magister Templi

The Holy Books published from 1909 to 1910.

In 1911, Crowley was dating Mary dCCste Sturges

In 1912 he becomes head of the English O.T.O.

The Book of Lies published in 1913.

1914 He travels to the USA September 3: Beginning of the Magical Diary, Rex de Arte Regia (printed in: The Magical Record of the Beast 666 published by J Symonds 1972)

1915 October 12th: Magus (the great beast)

1917 Crowley's mother dies

1918 Amalantrah appears to Roddi Minor, one of Crowley's lovers in New York. He meets Leah Hirsig (Alostreal) Mathers dies.

1919 The Exquinox, Vol III, No. 1 appears. He is returning to England.

1920 April 2: Crowley arrives at Chefalu, Sicily. October 14th, and found the Abbey "Thelema" (Greek: will). Anna Leah his daughter of Leah Hirsig dies.

1921 Ipsissimus

1923 May 1st he is expelled from Italy by Mussolini. He travels to Tunis. A little Crowley's autohagiography is enough to get to Tunis.

In 1925, Crowley becomes international head of the O.T.O.

In 1929 he and his companions were expelled from France. On August 16, he married Maria Teresa de Miramar in Germany.

1930 The first volumes of the Confessions appear.

1944 Crowley retires after years of driving around; he lives in Hastings and dies there, impoverished, on December 1st, 1947.