Why is my ex ignoring my messages

Ex completely ignores my messages?

I broke up with my ex about 3 weeks ago. Actually, I didn't want to part, it was like that; we sat in the car and talked and agreed that we would meet the next day and have a nice day. Unfortunately, I had an extreme headache in the morning because I had been drinking with my buddy the previous day, so I sent her a message in the morning, apologizing to her and asking if we could do that the next day, she just said hmm ok The next day I called but she didn't answer the phone so I wrote to her and asked if we would meet today. She wrote freezing no, I knew that she was still annoyed, so I apologized again (no answer). Written again days later, again no answer. She always did that when we argued and she knew that I hate that. When I was really annoyed I wrote her that it couldn't go on like this and that it hurt me extremely and asked her what she would think of it when we end it (i.e. the relationship) no answer!
The next day I regretted it anyway (I knew from the beginning that I would regret it) Then I called her 2-3 days later and noticed that she had blocked my number. Her mother has a facebook account but my ex only uses it. It already happened 2 times that we had an argument and the numbers were deleted after a few weeks one of us wrote on facebook and apologized but this time it is so that she completely ignored my messages.
I sent her at least 5-6 messages afterwards, but she doesn't respond. I can't cope anymore I miss her extremely and today I also dreamed of her she was married to someone else I feel extremely crappy. I don't know what to do. this being ignored is killing me. .

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