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Board games at Kickstarter 2021

The best board game kickstarters in 2021 (including a practical checklist)

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Find out in good time ongoing campaigns including our unadorned ones risk assessment. Since we play with friends and family, we are particularly interested in titles with German-language content.

Current board game Kickstarter

Here you can find our handpicked highlights from the categories Board game and tabletop the last few months.


  • Outlaw gangs

    Outlaw Gangs Tabletop Game

    Outlow Gangs Tabletop Game revolves around the topic of gang wars between motorcycle gangs. Each player puts together a gang and tries to conquer the territory of the other players. A campaign mode with a level system should ensure long-term motivation.

    Our personal highlight Outlaw gangs is that each character is delivered in both a standing and a sitting pose. So you can just jump on the next best bike and in the best Sons of Anarchy How to make the area unsafe.

    The campaign ends on May 25, 2021.

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  • Canvas: Reflections Expansion & Reprint

    Road to Infamy

    Canvas: Reflections is the first expansion of the successful base game Canvas of Road to Infamy. In this game you put transparent cards on top of each other to create a work of art. The special thing about the expansion is that the cards are now printed on both sides. This gives you many new opportunities to create even better works.

    Danger: The German version of the game will only be available via Asmodee after the campaign!

    The campaign ends on May 12, 2021.

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  • Zombicide: Undead or Alive 🇬🇧

    Cool mini or not

    Cool mini or not has opted for the next offshoot of the Zombicide-Series picked the Wild West. Zombicide: Undead or Alive has picked out the best features of the range and is also trying something new on top of that. Next Character classes (Villagers, thugs, gunslingers and clergy) are there a train, well-tidy player tablets, elevated buildings and tons of additional characters.

    We have already participated in previous CMON campaigns and have always been enthusiastic about the contents of the boxes. If you don't already have a game from the ZombicideSeries and you like the western theme, grab it now.

    The campaign ends on March 11, 2021.

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  • Shadow Tactics: The Board Game

    Antler Games

    Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a well-known stealth video game and the template for this board game. As a group you infiltrate hostile territory and try to fulfill your tasks from the shadows. One of you plays the evil daimyo who leads the guards against you on the field.

    You play your actions covertly in the Action programmingMechanism off. You are allowed to discuss them in advance, but the daimyo listens and can therefore react directly. We also liked the guards' vision system. It is similar to the video game because they have a cone of vision under their base.

    There is a special feature of this campaign:
    This is a so-called "late pledge campaign". Shadow Tactics was presented on Kickstarter in January 2020 and successfully financed with EUR 85,000. In recent months, the developers have expanded the game so that it could now appeal to a larger audience. Therefore would like Antler Games with the Late pledge convince those who the original game could not convince.

    The campaign ends on March 3rd, 2021.

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  • Human Punishment: The Beginning

    Godot Games

    As if someone tried Nemesis in style of Cyberpunk to implement. That thought first came to us when we launched the Kickstarter campaign from Human Punishment: The Beginning saw.

    The deduction game is the successor to Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 and is designed for 3 to 6 players. The group works together to prevent - or trigger - the machine revolution. The players move their characters across a playing field in order to transport data chips safely through the city to their destination. In Human punishment different paths lead to victory. As a player you try to be morally flexible in order to end up on the winning side.

    The campaign is run by Godot Games headed, a play forge from beautiful Hanover. In the past campaigns, the company has distinguished itself with a good communication policy and satisfactory game materials. The new Human punishment Part is definitely on our watchlist.

    The campaign ends on February 24, 2021.

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  • Alley Hoopster - The Sick Shot Trick Shot Kit

    Alley Hoopster

    This Kickstarter campaign is really something for the Corona period, because with Alley Hoopster you turn your apartment into a tiny playground. The Trick Shot Kit allows you to bounce table tennis balls into a bucket in the most spectacular way possible. You can record your trick shots with a camera and then share them.

    The campaign is coordinated by the influencer TJass, who works with Alley Hoopster makes its Kickstarter debut. The scope of the campaign is also very small and is therefore classified by us as a speculative project.

    The campaign ends on February 12, 2021.

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  • Darwin’s Journey

    Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi

    In this Eurogame we follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin on the Galápagos-Islands. The players explore flora and fauna in order to share their discoveries with other scientists and to exhibit them in museums.

    The core of the game is that Worker placement mechanics - However, we have seldom seen such opportunities on a playing field. In the course of the game, the workers can advance through experience points, which enables them to take new actions. Make sure to check it out for yourself!

    The campaign ends on January 28, 2021.

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  • Harry Potter: Catch the Snitch 🇬🇧

    Knight Games

    Some call it nerdy fantasy football on flying brooms, others call it Quidditch! Harry Potter: Catch The Snitch is a board game for 2 people by Knight Games. Not only the choice of your team and tactic cards influence the game, but also the random appearance of the golden one Snitch.

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  • Hibachi

    Grail Games

    Hibachi is a game of skill that is all about tactics, timing and money management. If I had to describe it in one sentence, I would call it a game of boules with poker chips.

    As cooks, you throw chips on the playing field to claim ingredients for yourself. At the same time you try to push away the chips of other players, because whoever owns an ingredient determines the market price. If you are the first to cook three dishes from the ingredients, you win the game.

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A current Kickstarter campaign is missing?

Regardless of whether Board game, card game or tabletop figures, if you have a hot tip for us, please let us know!

What is Kickstarter?

An online shop? You are completely wrong.

Kickstarter is one Crowd finance platform (en. Crowdfunding) of projects of all kinds. Founders advertise there in direct contact with potential fans for their financial support.

The fans guarantee the founder a kind of personal loan (pledge). This will be paid back in the form of a reward after the project has been completed. It can be a board game, but also a series of miniatures.

How do I buy board games from Kickstarter?

No matter if board game or tech gadget. The process is clearly regulated!

Step 1:

As soon as you get a Project found and checked you choose a package with rewards. You can find the packages in the "Campaign" tab under the heading "Support".

Step 2:

Then click on the big, green one "Support this project" button. During the financing phase you can change your selected package at any time using this button.

Step 3:

Next choose your package and enter the contribution amount. Since Kickstarter is about the vision of the founders, you can also give them more money. If you don't already have a Kickstarter account, you'll need to create one now.

Step 4:

after the Financing phase ended and the funding goal has been achieved, you will receive one Link to the Pledge Manager. You enter your delivery address there. Some board game Kickstarter also offer you the option of booking additional expansions.

That was a rough overview

In the section "frequently asked questions“We answer further questions about missed campaigns, payment methods and much more.

Are there any advantages to shopping at Kickstarter?

Just taking a look behind the scenes is worth it!

Hobby supply manufacturers can offer you some or even all of the following benefits in supporting their Kickstarter campaigns:

  1. You get exclusive content.
    In board game Kickstarter, supporters usually receive exclusive miniatures, cards, factions, dice, etc. These are based, for example, on prototypes that did not make it into the end product.

    In the Knight Tales Campaign supporters receive, among other things, an exclusive boss.
  2. You can bring in your own ideas.
    A project can even change fundamentally in the course of a Kickstarter campaign through feedback from supporters. This can affect both game mechanics and the material.

    The founders of Zombicide: Green Horde Campaign, for example, at the request of supporters, made the orc figures out of green instead of gray plastic.
  3. You can play a board game before it goes on sale.
    In return for the financial advance, supporters receive predetermined products. The higher the amount of money, the greater the consideration should be.

    The minimum, however, is the product itself. It may not be launched on the market until months later.
  4. You have the opportunity to shop cheaply.
    Supporters often get their product below the planned introductory price. Some projects also offer limited quantities of early bird packages or volume discounts for bulk orders.

Do not exaggerate!

For the surcharge on the next size package, you could also support another board game on Kickstarter. Are you sure you need it? 😉

Kickstarter Checklist 2021

Helpful clues in your decision to support a board game kick starter

Did you ever 100 € invested in a Kickstarter project and at the end nothing received? We do - and so that this doesn't happen to you, we have put together our checklist for board games at Kickstarter in 2021. If you stick to these simple tips, you can also assess unusual projects well.

Check the creator

Anyone can become a project founder, regardless of whether they are a person or a company. In a board game Kickstarter, the team could consist of a writer and an illustrator. You can check whether these meet your requirements in the user profile.

There you can see not only the résumé but also how much experience a founder has. Important key figures are projects that have been created and supported. These are a sign that the founder is at least familiar with common campaign processes.

Read the comments and updates

If someone wants money from strangers, he should communicate clearly and transparently. To check this, the comment and update section on Kickstarter is your first port of call.

Does the project founder respond to the supporters' questions and also do the answers appear promptly? Long periods of radio silence are a no-go. Also check the completed campaigns.

Low funding targets are a warning sign

In 2015, Kickstarter conducted a study to determine how many Kickstarter projects ultimately deliver what they promise. As a result, sending the reward fails in 9 percent of all projects. Furthermore, projects with a funding target of less than $ 1,000 represent a special risk group.

frequently asked questions

I missed a Kickstarter campaign. Can I still take part?

If you miss the end of a campaign by a few days, there is a chance to join later. Talk to the founder directly on Kickstarter about a so-called "late pledge".

However, the late pledge is not processed via Kickstarter. Thus, the general conditions (price, content, buyer protection) can be different. In addition, you will not receive any Kickstarter updates.

Will I lose my money if my funding goal is not met on Kickstarter?

No, in this case Kickstarter will not collect any money. To this end, Kickstarter has established the “all or nothing” model as a protective measure. If the funding target is not met, the campaign has failed.

Can I pay with PayPal at Kickstarter?

No, despite the high popularity of PayPal, most Kickstarter campaigns only allow payment by credit card. I was also able to pay for some German projects with my Girocard.

Which board game Kickstarter have been the most successful?

1. Frosthaven at $ 12,969,608
2. Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 with $ 12,393,139
3. Exploding Kittens at $ 8,782,571
4. The 7th Continent at $ 7,072,757
5. Nemesis lockdown at $ 6,428,592