Is it easy to act

What made you decide to stop working on your new thriller for this book?

The urgency. If we do not act with determination for the next ten years, we will lose all control over global warming. Then we risk cascading effects that could make parts of the planet uninhabitable.

(c) Paul Schmitz

Isn't there a risk that Corona will push all other issues into the background?

That's why I wrote the book.

For you, where is the key to successfully combating the effects of global climate change?

In the triad of society, economy and politics. Society decides who to choose and what to buy. It takes their pressure. Politicians must set the course for a system change, the economy must implement green technologies and sustainable value chains. It is only possible with a joint effort.

Why a book? Aren't we informed enough already through the media?

Really? Are we adequately informed about climate change? I think one cannot be sufficiently informed about the greatest threat to humanity.