Are OEM bikes better than the aftermarket

Explanation of terms from the topic of motor vehicle master workshop

OEM - original equipment manufacturer

OEM or OEM parts are all parts that are produced by the car manufacturer itself or by third parties exclusively for the car manufacturer.

These are mostly parts that are subject to a patent or other protection.

The term OEM says nothing about the quality of the parts!

OE - original equipment

OE is often mistakenly equated with OEM. OE parts are parts that are not built exclusively for automobile manufacturers. The best example are wear parts. Brakes are, for example, built by manufacturer A for a car on behalf of the automobile manufacturer. When these brakes are installed in the production process, they are given the car manufacturer's logo. This also happens when you buy the spare part from the dealership. The manufacturer of the spare part also sells it in free trade under its own logo, which may make it cheaper for the customer. It will then not automatically become an aftermarket part.

Aftermarket part - free trade market

An aftermarket part refers to all those parts that are not produced on behalf of the automobile manufacturer. These are "replicas" or "licensed constructions". This says nothing about the quality of the spare parts. However, here the price and / or the reputation of a manufacturer is an indication of the quality to be expected. There are certainly aftermarket manufacturers who produce higher quality products, these are mostly to be found in the tuning segment.