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6 reasons why a guided pub crawl is a must for the stag weekend!

The best way, and at the same time the most exhausting way to get to know a city, is to go on a bachelorette tour.

Here are a few reasons why a stag weekend pub crawl is a must:

1. The first and most obvious reason why a guided pub crawl is guaranteed to have fun is because of the guide himself. A trustworthy party expert knows which clubs to go to in the afternoon and which clubs have the best parties in the evening and at night.

2. In connection with his party experience, the pub crawler will entertain you all night while making sure you get to the clubs and back to the hotel safely.

3. You can customize your pub crawl based on your party experiences so that you ask for a few extras, such as if you want a stripper, VIP passes or if you want to have your own female pub crawler (s).

4. The guide will introduce you to the best clubs in town during your pub crawl while preparing fun bachelorette party challenges for the future groom as well as drinking games for the rest of the group.

5. The guided pub crawl package includes a welcome shot and free entry to the best clubs in town, with the luxury of VIP entry.

6. Best of all, the guided pub crawl is only € 15.

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