The X-factor gets old

X-Factor: The incomprehensible returns

X-Factor: The incomprehensible returns
In the new edition of the cult mystery series "X-Factor: The Incredible", the German actor Detlef Bothe presents five short stories each about unusual and supernatural events, some of which are invented, but others are based on scientifically proven facts. The focus of the series is on ordinary people who have witnessed incredible, unusual incidents that changed their lives dramatically. Bizarre stories about parapsychology, reincarnation, aliens or ghosts - the presenter only reveals whether they are true or fictional at the end of each episode. (Text: RTL II / DB)

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  • Thomaszek (born 1985) on

    new ones to follow? and again I missed it. unfortunately they are only available on tv now for money

    on sundays the new episodes are never shown but the old ones that have been shown 500 times (or more)
  • Sergeant Meyers on

    Some thoughts:

    The US original does not show everyday US life around the year 2000. It's a series of little horror films that are just that FILMS. The sets are selected locations, there are no street shots, no passers-by in the background, no brand names, advertising posters, no untidy apartments, no exact location and name details - because they are stories - no pseudo-documentary.

    The original takes place in a soft, idealized world. The dialogues are not everyday language, but clearly film dialogues. Relationship disputes don't look real in the original, panic and fear don't look like in a documentary in the original because nobody wants to see them. Beyond Belief was more Harry Potter than the Blair Witch Project, and that was a good thing.

    Unfortunately, RTL II has specialized so much in pseudo-documentary trash that it has now taken 3 years before the series in 2020 was at least quite bearable.

    Criticizing the stories is a mistake. The US stories were never creepy per se either. You can always tell a story one way or another.

    Every classic Beyond Belief horror mood is guaranteed to be broken:
    - pop music
    - Shaky camera work
    - Absurd camera settings
    - Everyday dialogues ala. "In the middle of life"
    - Bad actors: inside, who can only play themselves but no real roles (although there were also good performances to be seen)
    - Bad lighting, badly chosen sets
    - Copied stories (NOBODY needs a worse copy of the original! If you can't think of anything, google 'creepy pasta' and you'll have enough for the next 20 years)
    - Continue the action beyond the Climax (example: woman discovers the body of her friend as part of the ghost train decoration - in the original this would be the end and the noise (missing in the copy) would suddenly lead us back to the horror cabinet. But on RTL II? It still needs action, a fight scene and a last-second rescue. The shock is long forgotten when the story finally fades out.

    Another tip if you can't find actors who can fill your roles: Write easier roles. The voice actors in the off know how to create a mood. You really don't need that much (bad) dialogue ...
  • Louis_Cyphre (born 1977) on

    Actually, one word would suffice as a comment: INCREDIBLE !!!

    Something as bad as that has probably not yet been produced. Neither the performers, nor the host, nor the rest of the contributors made an effort here. This crap just got blown away without any attention to detail. It starts with storytelling and ends with the lighting of the scenes. A real imposition.
    At least the horror factor was served, because this work is definitely creepy, unfortunately just not as it should be.
    No comparison to the original, which did not take itself seriously either, but at least one was professional and passionate about it.
    Please RTL2, please let it rest ...

    Your Jonathan Frakes ...
  • Nostalgia on

    Episode 5
    Hearse driver who lifts a car with a ghost in the junkyard to free the trapped thief. That was copied from the American X-Factor. There it was a truck driver (ghost) who lifts a car with the hitchhiker in a workshop under which the mechanic was trapped.

    Dibbuk Box: so what copied. It was an American there. Girl with red eyes who was on the road as an arsonist. A young arsonist with red eyes used to live in this house.

    Girl with imaginary friend. Also stolen from X-Factor of the American series.

    Episode 6
    The boy's reincarnation as a British pilot who was shot down. So stolen and copied.
  • User 1616474 on

    Folks, I can't believe that apart from one person here, nobody noticed that this was pure irony. Watch the show again, you can tell immediately. This is a clear rubbish from X Factor :)

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