Is Geillis Duncan from Outlander dead

Outlander - Season 1 character believed dead makes a bloody return

In the season 3 episode Bakra of Outlander, a presumed dead season 1 character returns in a shocking way. You can read more about it here.

Warning, spoilers for Outlander: After Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) were reunited in the last episode of Outlander, they finally land in Jamaica in episode 12, Bakra, to find the kidnapped Young Ian (John Bell) there. But at a pompous ball, Claire meets an old friend who she had thought dead for a long time. We are of course talking about the men-poisoning time travel activist Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek), who should actually be burned at the stake in the 1st season. But there is hardly any joy at seeing them again, because Geillis forges a sinister plan.

Thanks to blood baths, Geillis has not aged even after more than 20 years

In the Outlander episode Bakra, we finally find out who is behind Young Ian's kidnapping. When he arrives in Jamaica, he is to be taken to the plantation of the mysterious Bakra. Several young men have already been sent to her and have never been seen again. In the luxurious house, Geillis Duncan, now Mrs. Abernathy, finally emerges from a fresh bloodbath. She reveals to Ian that she owns the MacKenzie treasure on Silkie Island and that one of her sapphires is missing from it. She had numerous virgin men kidnapped and killed them after they had sex. Fortunately for Ian's, he's no longer a virgin at this point.

At the new governor of Jamaica's ball, Claire is shocked by the sight of Geillis. For years she thought Geillis had been burned at the stake. But Geillis finally tells her how she managed to survive. Since the unborn child in her womb was innocent, Geillis could not be cremated until the child was born. After the birth of her son, she escaped with Dougal's help and a human corpse was burned at the stake instead of the living Geillis. After Culloden and Dougal's death, Geillis married Mr. Abernathy, who brought her to his plantation in Jamaica and then, like so many of Geillis' husbands, died of poisoning.

Using a trick, Geillis managed to get the missing sapphire that was in John Grey's possession. As in season 1, the 1960s Scot is still sticking to changing the future and bringing a Scottish king to the throne. In the end, Claire realizes that Geillis Young kidnapped Ian. Can she stop her time travel colleague in time before she does a terrible bloody act? We'll find out in the season 3 finale of Outlander, which will be held next Sunday in the US and on Monday, 11.12.2017, is broadcast in Germany on RTL Passion.

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