What Are Some Good Startup Accounting Books

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“Come to Debitoor, a start-up base in Copenhagen, Denmark. Debitoor set itself the problem of developing an accounting software with a radical premise - it should be so simple that users don't even have to learn how to use it. "

With a 'radical premise', Artas describes Debitoor's vision of developing the simplest accounting program. Without accounting books, without tearing your hair.

"In a recent customer survey, Debitoor achieved a Net Promoter Score of 65%, putting it in line with brands like Southwest Airlines, Apple and Amazon."

The agony of choice - the CMS

This customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with a transparent presence, i.e. a well-structured website. The choice of the content management system plays a decisive role.

“The previous Lotus Domino CMS promised stable performance and at the same time a loss of flexibility - responsive layouts and image processing cost an enormous amount of time. "

So the team tested different systems and, with the Drupal CMS, managed the balancing act between complexity and stability on the one hand and flexibility and user-friendliness for all Debitoor editors on the other.

Keyword localization

“Simply put, website localization means being able to translate standard pages into a given language. When we wanted to find out how Debitoor worked across borders, we realized that the problems of true localization go deeper. "

"From long German words that completely break the page layout to the challenge of determining the correct price in a foreign currency: Localization requires both - patience and ingenuity."

So on the mobile?

The website looks different on the mobile, of course. This again placed demands on the CMS.

“The separate mobile CSS stylesheet helped to achieve quick success. We started the desktop menus and the footer with a mobile-friendly version that is available to visitors at any time. "

But that was just the beginning of the puzzle. Ultimately, it boiled down to the editors being able to minimize and upload the image individually for the mobile version.

The learning effects

1. The right way to implement a project is "tricky".

2. Localization has many colors and shapes

3. Responsive layout is not the same as a mobile friendly website

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