Which bank should I join at IBPS?


PWD candidates: Disability certificate in the correct form issued by the district medical office should be submitted. The attachment of the Excel file accepts relevant data for the automatic calculation. Just fill in the name and other text entries before printing and saving. After printing hard copies, the final signature and stamping for its authenticity will be done. Download the salary certificate format in Excel (.xls) here. Individuals usually have gold in their possession, which is an important security that a bank can consider when issuing a certificate. When this is the case, gold is usually valued by the bank's internal valuer. Certificate of Solvency is a document that contains information about the financial stability of a person / entity. This certificate is required by the government and commercial offices to ascertain the financial position of individuals / companies. A solvency certificate is required for the following reasons: Banks usually have pre-defined application forms that must be completed by the customer requesting a solvency certificate. Use our rental reference letter templates to prove to banks that you are financially sound tenant ready to apply for a mortgage. Note: If you don't have an Aadhar card, you have to apply for it immediately, as banks need it these days to open a savings / salary account. The above list are the documents a candidate must provide from their end.

That being said, there may be few other documents that certain banks may require as part of their accession formalities. With regard to corporations / partnership companies, banks must evaluate their net worth after examining all liabilities to determine the company's financial stability. For this purpose, audited balance sheets, profit / loss statements, cash flow statements for a certain number of years will be required. NOTE: Even if you got the top grade in the IBPS exam & in the interview, banks can refuse and cancel your allocation - if you do not submit the required documentary evidence / certificates. Here is the list of checklist documents that most banks need to submit in original photocopy (xerox). The originals are to be returned after examination. Valid authority to issue box certificates: The OBC / SC / ST certificate issued by these competent authorities is only accepted. It is likely that additional work will be available should John decide he wants to earn more than his current salary and overtime payments.