Who would win Choji against Jirobo?

Choji vs Jirobo




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After the group had freed themselves from Jirobo's Doton Kekkai: Dorou Doumu according to Shikamaru's cunning, he attacked the team with Doton: Doryou Dango, which, however, was prevented by Chouji's Nikudan Sensha. After Jirobo attacked the others and called Shikamaru an idiot, it was too much for Chouji. He challenged Jirobo while the others should continue the mission.


Chouji first took a green spinach pill to increase his strength and was able to fend off a direct attack and even push Jirobo away, lift it up and hurl it away. He now took several kunais on chains and put them around him, whereupon he used Baika no Jutsu. Here the Kunais acted as spikes that increase destruction and torque, creating Nikudan Hari Sensha. However, Jirobo evades the attack and creates a wall through Doton: Doroku Gaeshi, but it does not hold up and Jirobo has to stop the huge spiked ball with his bare hands. Jirobo now uses the mark of the curse on level one and can now beat Chouji away with Houshou.

Chouji gets self-doubt, also because Jirobo repeatedly ridicules him as a pawn sacrifice left behind by the team because it is weak and useless. Jirobo attacks again and knocks him to the ground with a couple of violent blows. He keeps saying that Chouji is weak and out of place here and kicks him away. He remembers statements made by his teammates and begins to really feel superfluous. After that, he remembers that Shikamaru trusts and relies on him. Encouraged by this memory, he swallows the yellow pill, which increases his chakra immensely. When Jirobo tries to attack again, Chouji lets Bubun Baika no Jutsu grow his arm and simply knocks his opponent away. Then he uses a giant leg to give him a huge kick. He immediately tries to follow up with his arm, but Jirobo grabs him and throws him into the air. In the air, Chouji enlarges his whole body ten times with Chou Baika no Jutsu and tries to crush Jirobo. This, however, activates stage two of the Juin and can now hold it with one hand and even throw it away with Shougekishou. Due to the side effects of the pills, Chouji is slowly at the end of his tether. Jirobo is almost ashamed for Chouji to use this power and presses Chouji into the ground to suck up his chakra, but this one no longer has one, which is why he throws it away. He now goes to Chouji's bag of chips and eats the only remaining chip, whereupon he mocks Chouji again as a useless pawn sacrifice. Lying on the ground, Chouji remembers his childhood, he was repeatedly teased and excluded because of his figure until he found a real friend in Shikamaru. Jirobo mocks that he will take care of Chouji's friends soon after killing him. Chouji knows he can only take the red pill now, as he will either die from Jirobo's attack or the side effect of the red pill. Jirobo attacks with Asshou, but Chouji takes the red pill and disappears.

He reappears behind Jirobo. The red pill gave him butterfly wings and he says he is 100 times stronger than before. Jirobo now approaches Gangeki, but Chouji easily fends off the blow with one hand and hits him with an elbow, which throws Jirobo a few meters away because he has stolen his supplies. Jirobo tries to get up, but Chouji immediately knocks him down again because he has insulted him so often. Chouji says that he cannot forgive him for offending his best friend and concentrates his entire chakra in his left hand. The subsequent Choudan Bakugeki creates a huge crater and means the end for Jirobo. After a few meters he collapses from the side effects of the pills. Chouji has finally made friends.


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