How do students make engineering difficult?

Is the university taking a break? Then learn new engineering skills at home!

Technical books summarized in 15 minutes

The library at your university has probably just closed and buying all the specialist books yourself is not an option. The Blinkist app offers you a good and, above all, time-efficient alternative to traditional learning from a book. There the Key messages from over 3,000 non-fiction books in categories such as technology & future, science, but also marketing & sales or increasing your own productivity summarized in approx. 15-minute audio books.

Blinkist is of course not suitable for really penetrating a topic from beginning to end and becoming a professional. However, in a comparatively short time you can get an overview of whether the digital transformation, optimal self-marketing or the physics of the future are relevant for you. Then you can decide whether a more in-depth familiarization with this topic is worthwhile for you or if you'd rather hear your way through the app a little longer until you've found the most exciting content for you.

You have the opportunity to test the service for free for 7 days. So it can make sense if you get one beforehand List of potentially interesting topics created and then work through them systematically. After the first 7 days, there is a fee to use it and, depending on the subscription, costs between € 6.67 and € 12.99 per month.