What is the role of a pastor

Pastors lead and administer a Christian community. You have a lot of responsibilities. You design and lead church services, masses, baptisms, weddings, confirmations, communion and funeral ceremonies. They also teach children and adolescents, comfort bereaved relatives after a person dies, and serve members of the ward in various ways on other occasions. And above all, they preach the gospel.

An important task of the pastor is pastoral care. They take care of people who are worried and want to talk about their problem or something else. Pastors also visit sick people and personally congratulate old people on their birthday. They give religious instruction in school or speak to young people in the community who want to learn something about their faith. In addition, Protestant Christian youths attend confirmation classes. The pastor teaches Catholic Christians before first communion and confirmation.
Pastors usually live in their own parsonage near the church. There are pastors only in the Protestant Church. In the Catholic Church this profession is reserved for men. They are also called priests and are not allowed to have a marriage or love affair. This rule is called celibacy.

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