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The 7 ... hottest transfer shares in Austria

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Corona or Corona - some players in the Austrian Bundesliga are considered hot shares for the 2020 summer transfer period. 90minuten.at introduces them.

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The following seven players are hot transfer stocks for a variety of reasons. Some scored a lot of goals, with others the contract ended, and still others played themselves as a talent in the focus of international top clubs. Or a bigger club wants the kicker because an even bigger club has bought away a star. Corona or not: The transfer phase will not be too boring this season either.

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7th place: Dominik Szoboszlai (Red Bull Salzburg)

The 19-year-old is one of the big final round winners. The Hungarian, who until some time ago also attracted attention with a few sloppiness on and off the pitch, contributed four goals and five assists in the last four rounds and the first four matchdays after the restart. But DominikSzoboszlai is considered so talented that a transfer was considered likely even without this performance explosion. A few well-known clubs showed interest, the most recent being the names ACMilan other SSCNaples the round. It will be exciting to see where he will end up, Salzburg will definitely get a chunk of money. He gets seventh place because there is hardly a transfer that is more imposing than this.

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6th place: Christoph Monschein (FK Austria Vienna)

At the age of 27 you are not even considered a talent in Austria, ChristophMonscheins However, his professional career did not start until 2016 when he moved from Ebreichsdorf to Admira what piloted. Then a year later - almost logically - they went to Vienna Austria struck. With 15 Bundesliga goals and seven assists, he is not only life insurance and bright spot in a modest season of violets, but also a hot share. Because the coffers of Austria are very poorly filled, accurate strikers can help. And after Monschein still has a contract until 2021 and is already at an advanced age, a transfer would be an option. At the end of 2019 there was interest from AstonvillaAt the moment it is quiet in the rumor mill, but a change would not be surprising as the goal rate is good. But it wouldn't hurt if Monschein found its way back to its old form in the coming days.


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