How does a bra work

Put on bra

If you have been wearing bras for years, you are probably already a bra donning pro. You have put on and taken off a bra more than a thousand times and are probably pretty good at it. Or maybe you've just started wearing bras (or it's about time to get your first bra) and you want to know the best way to put a bra on. No worries, it's not as difficult as you might think! With these simple steps, putting on your bra will be a breeze.

  1. Put your arms through the straps:
  2. If you're not planning on wearing a strapless bra, the first thing you need to do is poke your arms through the bra straps. Then you push the straps well onto your shoulders. If the straps are too loose or too tight, you can adjust them.

  4. Close the bra at the back:
  5. Close the bra with the hook fastener at the back. There are one or more hooks on one side of the bra band and the same number of eyes on the other. You close the bra by hooking the hooks into the eyelets.

    Do you find it difficult to close the bra on the back? Then you can fold the bra so that you can close it at the front before you put your arms through the straps. Then you push the back of the bra onto your back and put your arms through the straps.

    Tip: You should close the bra by the outer hook so that you can tighten it if it stretches a little over time.

  7. Position your breasts well in the cups:
  8. It is important that your breasts are well seated in the cups so that they get the right support. To do this, you push your breasts into the cups with your hands. It is important that your breasts do not bulge out on the side of the cups (especially at armpit level) and that the bra underwire fits well under your breasts.

So now you know how to put on a bra! Would you like to put these tips into practice? Shop the here nicest bras from our latest collection! Are you looking for more inspiration? Find out if you're wearing the right bra or read more about buying your very first bra!