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Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater London. An Elizabethan era theater on the banks of the Thames. Absolute Shakespeare fan or just curious about what's hidden behind this rotunda? In this article you will find all the important information about Shakespeare’s Globe in London, including tickets, opening times and guided tours of the theater.

Shakespeare’s Globe London: All tips & information for your visit

William Shakespeare is known as one of the greatest British poets and playwrights. Each of us can probably name at least one of his works. So you've surely heard of the tragic love story between Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello or Macbeth.

The works of William Shakespeare had great success not only today, but also during the poet's lifetime. As a big fan of English literature, a visit to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London is an absolute must for me. There it is still possible today to see how the characters devised by the poet take shape.

Shakespeare’s Globe London: How the theater came about

The Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London looks back on a long history. In Elizabethan times, it was common for actors to move their performances from town to town, staying in private homes or cheap hostels while doing so. Over time, however, it has become clear that it is financially much cheaper to settle in one place. This is how, for example, the Chamberlain’s men group of actors came into being, which settled in a theater in what is now Shoreditch.

For almost 20 years the Chamberlain’s men in London’s Shoreditch district have shown their talents to the best. In 1596, however, they decided to build a new, larger theater on the south side of the Thames. In order to cover the costs of the construction work, the members have pooled all their savings. Actors outside the original group have also invested and become shareholders in the new theater building. William Shakespeare was one of them.

In 1599, the construction work on the new theater was finally completed. For 14 years there were performances here almost every day, until in 1613 a fire almost completely destroyed the theater. And although Shakespeare’s Globe Theater was completely rebuilt afterwards, its second phase should not take long either. In 1644 the British Parliament decided to call acting immoral and dangerous. As a result, all theaters were closed and acting was prohibited. The Shakespeare’s Globe was then destroyed.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater today

Today's Shakespeare’s Globe is not the original, but a reconstruction. However, a very successful replica! Only materials that actually existed at the time of the first Shakespeare’s Globe were used for the reconstruction. The only difference to the original Shakespeare’s Globe is that today's theater was built about 200 meters apart. We owe the reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater to the American director Sam Wanamaker. He rebuilt the theater true to the original so that it could be opened in 1997.

The Shakespeare’s Globe building is round and open at the top. So it's kind of an open air theater. The stage is in the middle so that the audience has a 360º view of the actors.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater: Guided Tours

If you are an absolute Shakespeare fan like me, you have several options for exploring Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. On the one hand, as already mentioned, Shakespeare plays are still regularly performed today. You have the chance to see the theater from inside. You can just as easily take part in a guided tour of the theater.

Guided tours of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

The tour begins outside of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater with a brief introduction. The guide explains to you what London looked like in Shakespeare’s time and how the theater came into being. Then it goes inside the theater. You can sit down in the stands and listen to the guide talk about the performances at that time. During the tour you will learn how theater performances were carried out in the 16th century and what options the actors had to create “special effects”.

The guided tours through Shakespeare’s Globe Theater are unfortunately only available in English. However, there are additional information sheets in several languages, including German.

Guided Shakespeare tours of the neighborhood

If you still haven't had enough of Shakespeare, you can then go on a guided Shakespeare tour of London's Southbank district. Shakespeare lived here for a long time and you can still find his traces today. On the guided tours through the district you can also see where the very first Globe Theater was and where Shakespeare himself lived. The guide usually tells you a lot of anecdotes about William Shakespeare and the Elizabethan times in England.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater: Afternoon Tea

To round off the Shakespeare experience perfectly, I recommend afternoon tea in the Café Swan next door as a conclusion. There is the classic afternoon tea with a large selection of teas, scones, sweet and hearty snacks.

Shakespeare's Globe London: Tickets and Admission

The guided tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater takes approximately 40 minutes. As the theater is still operating, tour start times may vary slightly depending on whether rehearsals are taking place. Those who are lucky can take part in a tour while they are rehearsing. This gives you an exclusive insight into the everyday life of Shakespeare’s Globe. The prices for the guided tours through Shakespeare’s Globe are as follows:

  • Adults: 17 pounds
  • Seniors (60+) and students: £ 15
  • Children: 10 pounds

When booking online, there is a booking fee of £ 2.50 per booking.

Shakespeare's Globe London: opening hours
  • Shakespeare’s Globe is open for tours every day from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. The guided tours of the theater start every 30 minutes.
  • The ticket office is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and before the performance.
Shakespeare's Globe London: Directions

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is on the south side of the Thames, near the Tate Modern Museum. You can walk along the Thames from Borough Market or Tower Bridge. It's also not far from St Paul's Cathedral over the Millennium Bridge.

The nearest underground stations are Southwark, Blackfriars, London Bridge and Mansion House. It is a 10-15 minute walk from each of these stations.

Shakespeare’s Globe London: Upcoming Events

In the summer season you can see an event at Shakespeare’s Globe almost every evening. The great classics of the poet and playwright William Shakespeare are on the program here. Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet are recurring classics.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater: Cheap tickets for performances

Shakespeare’s Globe is an open air theater. Most of the performances take place in the main season between spring and autumn. Then several Shakespeare classics are played.

To at cheap tickets for performances in Shakespeare’s Globe You don't have to do much to get to London. It is enough, one "Standing" ticket to buy. These are standing tickets with which you can be directly on the stage. For each performance there are 700 such standing tickets for just one time 5 pounds sold! Tip: The standing tickets allow the best view of the stage!

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