Why do people like Jason Voorhees

Friday the 13th - A look back

The Friday the 13th horror films

In keeping with the remake of the 1980 classic, I thought to myself: Make a special about the horror film series. There are enough reasons for that. On the one hand, because the films are really good, at least for true fans, the later sequels are still interesting and bloody enough, and on the other hand, because they wrote a piece of film history. Well and then there are definitely enough movie fans who don't know too much about it.

It all started in prudish America in 1980. In order to keep their teenage children from having sex, films in which a psychopathic killer does his nonsense and likes to kill young men and women who enjoy the hobby are welcome. Now many would say whether it wasn't better to let the young lovers act out their instincts instead of putting a bloody horror film in front of their noses. It should be noted that our American friends think a little differently. While a pretty woman in lingerie scurries across the screen, it is rated much more seriously than having one's head cut off. Which is then also made clear in the FSK rating (or as it is called MPAA rating). During my stay in Canada, I was able to enjoy quite a few films (you also get US television there) and watch this phenomenon more closely. To cut a long story short: I was very surprised that the warning about every film (yes, that's how it is done there) said things like "nudity" and then in the film you can see the attractive leading actress in underwear, which after all is not bad either. The film was then from 18. For comparison, the German FSK was from 12. Ok, enough deviated from the topic.

And that same killer (remember, the guy who slaughters sexually interested teenagers) is in the Friday 13th films "Jason Voorhees". Ok, everyone who knows the films will now scream, I can only tell everyone else that it wasn't Jason in the first part of the series. So to speak, he only murders from the 2nd part and he only gets his typical hockey mask in part 3. Until now he has put a burlap sack over his head to hide his really ugly grimace and probably also to hide the female victims don ' t scream louder.

Let us now turn to the story of the first part, because that is the starting point for everyone else. In 1957, Jason was a young boy sent by his mother, Pamela, to beautiful Camp Crystal Lake for summer vacation. Jason is a shy kid, has few or no friends, and is too likely to get annoyed by the other kids. During these attacks, the other children throw him into the lake and since Jason is not a good swimmer either, he drowns. The guards don't notice any of this as they are making out in a corner of the camp, bringing us back to the murder motive and the preference of sex-obsessed teenagers as victims. A year later, in 1958, two teenage guards were murdered in the camp while having sex. Then the camp is closed and the legend of Camp Crystal Lake is born, which has been telling since then that an insane killer was up to mischief there.
20 years later Steve Christy bought the camp and wants to reopen it. Despite all warnings, he and seven other guards start rebuilding the camp. While they toil during the day, partying is the order of the day in the evening. One has fun with watching films or "strip monopoly". The killer strikes, of course, in such a way that it takes longer for each person to notice. So have for example. two of them having sex in a bed, unaware that their dead friend is lying in bed over it. Of course they both die too. The murder scenes are already brilliantly implemented in their way and the tools that the killer uses are variety enough. So little by little all the youngsters are slaughtered until only Alice remains. She has already found a few of her friends dead and is of course full of panic. She gains hope when a car comes into the camp and an older woman gets out who introduces herself as Pamela Voorhees and explains that she is the mother of the boy who drowned at the time. And before Alice knows anything, Mrs. Voorhees pulls out a knife and tries to hurt her. Alice escapes and a game of cat and mouse begins across the camp. Alice can often hide for short periods of time and finds more corpses in the process, but Pamela is always on her mind. Knocked down by a pan, it is now on the floor and Alice can escape again. The final showdown then takes place on the landing stage where Alice has fled. But Mrs. Voorhees is chasing them with a huge machete in hand. Alice manages to take her off guard and decapitates her with the machete (really nice scene, at least for horro fans and when you see the uncut version). Still in a panic, Alice saves herself in a canoe. The next morning you see the police and rescue workers arrive on the bank, Alice is still in the boat in the middle of the lake. Even before it is rescued, a corpse, Jason’s, comes out of the water and pulls it under the water with it. Before she goes into hiding, she wakes up in the hospital, where she is told that she has been pulled out of the lake. No trace of Jason was found.

I will not reveal more here, because by revealing the real killer in Part 1, too much has been said, and how the individual people and where exactly they die is also more exciting to see for yourself. The film is really well done, the murder scenes are extremely bloody, a feast for every splatter fan. Tension is created by the murderer's performances and the really appropriate musical background. With the other parts, I will not deal so in detail anymore, because after part 1 you either love or hate the films. The continuations then all have one thing in common, the killer is now Jason and the story about him and a few other people continues, although not all films are based on the one before. What remains is that Jason is very creative in the choice of the killing tool and the type of killing. Of course, the films also raise a lot of questions. Why is Jason walking faster than the victims running? And why the child's body turned into a really handsome, if ugly, zombie, we don't know either.

Friday the 13th Part II - Jason Returns (1981)

In terms of content, this follows on from the first. The film actually ends the first, because in the opening scene the survivor from Part 1, Alice, is killed. Five years later, a new camp was built near the old camp, where courses for camp overseers are now to be held. The camp residents are advised never to go to the old camp. But there are always those who know everything better. And of course the incidents repeat themselves, the killer strikes again. Survivor is another woman here, Ginny, fleeing from Jason in the woods. There she finds a house in which he lived all these years and where he kept his dead mother's head. Ginny realizes that Jason keeps killing for his dead mother and tries to trick him into pretending to be his mother. Rescue approaches then through her friend Paul, who also survived the massacre. Both stab Jason, well, it doesn't do that much with zombies and flee back to camp. Jason attacks her there again and there is now the opportunity to take a closer look at his disfigured face. Ginny is taken away by an ambulance the next morning, there is no trace of Paul. As you can see from the title, the German appendix "Jason returns" is not appropriate, since Jason kills for the first time.

Friday the 13th Part III - And again Friday the 13th (1982)

The action takes place 2 days after the second part. Again a couple of youngsters go to the area around the camp at Crystal Lake. Because one of you, Chris, was attacked by a stranger here two years ago and now wants to face your fears. Of course there are wild parties with drugs and sex again. Jason slaughters them one by one, finds a hockey mask on one of the victims and puts it on. Not only does it make you look fancier, but you can also fool the others because they think you are their buddy. What remains is Chris, who takes refuge in a barn. There it comes to the final battle. Chris escapes in a canoe, has nightmares, then is rescued. Jason's dead body is also being removed.

Friday the 13th Part IV - The last chapter (1984)

The film starts exactly with the plot of the third part. Jason is found dead and taken to the hospital morgue. At the same time, 12-year-old Tommy (Corey Feldman) moves into a holiday home with his mother and sister Trish, and a couple of young people are partying right next to it. As you can imagine, Jason is not dead, I said yes, zombie, well or something like that. He now cuts his way through the hospital back to Crystal Lake, ends up at the two holiday homes and kills the young people there one after the other. Hey, I never said the films were varied. Jason then chases after Trish and thereby Tommy shaves his bald head, he confuses Jason (because he now looks like him as a child) and so Trish can shoot him in the head with a rifle.

Friday the 13th Part V - A new beginning (1985)

Tommy has managed to finally send Jason to hell, but suffers from nightmares and is mentally exhausted. He is therefore being transferred to a home for the mentally ill. Strange murders are happening there, too, and Tommy has to wonder if Jason is back. After there were some nice murder scenes again, oh yes there is sex too, the survivors manage to kill Jason. It turns out it's not Jason who murdered. Tommy is transferred to a hospital to recover. There the ghost of the deceased Jason appears to him, Tommy puts on his mask, murders the home manager, jumps out of the window and escapes.

Friday the 13th Part VI - Jason is alive (1986)

Since part 5 did not convince the fans, it was decided to reactivate Jason again. Tommy now wants to make sure that Jason is dead and goes to his grave with a friend. Unfortunately, it breathes new life into Jason, and worse, he's now superhuman. What lightning can do. Jason makes his way back to Crystal Lake, the camp is now called "Camp Forrest Green," where a lot of teenagers are already waiting to be slaughtered. It is now up to Tommy to stop Jason again.

Friday the 13th Part VII - Jason in a blood frenzy (1988)

Tina has telekinetic powers and blames herself for her father's death. He died on vacation at Crystal Lake. So she goes there now, and since she cannot control her powers well, she accidentally frees Jason, who was trapped at the bottom of the lake. Now he can finally murder again and also finds an illustrious group of teenagers celebrating a birthday party with drugs and lots of sex. Tina plays an important role here as an outsider who then manages to make Jason go to hell. Unfortunately, it should be mentioned here that the film was also heavily cut in the US version, which is why the murders are a little bloodless.

Friday the 13th Part VIII - Manhattan Death Trap (1989)

The film doesn't start with any of its predecessors. Jason is dead and is brought to life by a ship's anchor and a power cord. The two youngsters on board are the first victims, and he finds others aboard a ship that brings a school class back to New York. Jason pulls up students and faculty alike here, one by one. Renny, the teacher's niece, is the first to notice that something is wrong. With the rest of the teenagers, she sets out to hunt down the killer. That fails, of course, and the last survivors take a lifeboat to Manhattan. Jason follows them there and slaughters everyone except Renny and her friend Sean. A few New Yorkers so those. This time the final showdown takes place in the sewer system.

Jason Goes to Hell - the final settlement (1993)

Since Jason has killed so many people, the FBI is sending a special unit to blow Jason up into a thousand pieces. But there are problems with the autopsy and Jason can now take over anyone in the form of a worm. But he only regains his body when he puts himself in the place of a family member. Likewise, only one family member can kill him. Jessica, the daughter of Jason's sister, is an option. Jason murders all the teenagers in range on the way to her, but Jessica can defeat him. At the end you see Freddy Krueger's claw grabbing Jason's mask and disappearing into hell.

Jason X (2001)

The film is set in the near future, where Jason is being held captive to be used as a biological weapon. He escapes and slaughters the staff, but the scientist Rowan (Lexa Doig) manages to freeze Jason. However, this stabs the machete through the freezer chamber and into it, which also freezes it. 450 years later, the earth is a desolate planet and the facility has been forgotten. A team of archeology students set off from "Earth 2" to explore ancient earth. They encounter the cryo chamber and take Rowan and Jason aboard their spaceship. The still frozen killer chops off the arm of one of the students with a machete, but nanotechnology simply puts the arm back on. Thanks for progress. Rowan can be resurrected and learns that Jason is also on board. She's far from happy about it, but her warnings are ignored, at least until Jason wakes up and starts messing around indiscriminately. Students and even elite soldiers cannot stop Jason, only the android Kay-Em 14 manages to stop and kill him. Everyone is happy that Jason is defeated, but overlooked the fact that he is in a room with the aforementioned nano-machines. They also start to heal Jason, but have problems with it and transform him. It is indestructible now and better than ever. The only way out is to destroy the spaceship, but that fails. However, they manage to push Jason into space and his body therefore enters the atmosphere of "Earth 2" and ends up, how could it be otherwise, in a lake.

Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

The film is a crossover of the film series "Nightmare On Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th". Freddie Kruger has a problem, he is being forgotten and thus cannot free himself from hell. So he uses Jason to draw attention to himself again. Didn't notice, however, that Jason doesn't care and therefore kills indiscriminately, but also manages to make the youngsters think it's Freddie. But a group of teenagers find out everything about Freddie and ship Jason to Crystal Lake to give him an advantage over Freddie. There it comes to a showdown between the two. In the end, both sink into the lake, but are not dead.

As a little overview of the films about the killer Jason Voorhees. There are a few more points to mention when it comes to actors. Kane Hodder played Jason four times, from part 7-10, and wasn't very happy that he wasn't allowed to take part in Freddy vs. Jason. In Part 1 you can admire Kevin Bacon's first film appearance. This of course dies too. Except for Corey Feldman (part 4 + 5), Kelly Hu (part 8), Steven Culp (part 9), Lexa Doig and Lisa Ryder (Jason X), the actors are rather unknown. Apart from Freddy vs. Jason, who comes up with some friends from film and television.
As a rating for the films, you can really only highlight the first part, as it sets the saga in motion. The following parts are not bad, but do not offer anything new either. Fans around the world are still confused about what Jason is exactly. What defines the films are the, for horro fans, very successful murder scenes and the, with many Friday the 13th films, the successful atmosphere.

For the remake this year "Friday the 13th" (2009) it should be noted that Jason will be the killer here immediately. The director Marcus Nispel has experience with horror films, he directed "Micheal Bay's Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Pathfinder", both of which were quite dark and brutal. With Jared Padalecki (known from the series "Supernatural" and the horror film "House of Wax") and Danielle Panabaker (known from the series "Shark"), two up-and-coming young stars have been signed up. The role of Pamela Voorhees takes on Nana Visitor (known from the series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"). Also with Michael Bay as producer and Sean S. Cunningham, the director of the first part, working here as executive producer, two specialists were brought on board.