What is the point of the Twinkie Diet

IIFYM - Eat everything & lose weight / gain weight anyway

IIFYM stands for "If it fits your macros" and means: "if it fits into your macros". “Macros” in turn stands for the macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, fat.

IIFYM is the sword in battle against total food bans other irrational notions of how losing weight or building muscle works.

Make sure you understand where the IIFYM idea comes from! Otherwise you will read something into it that is not meant that way (not a few fall victim to this problem). "IIFYM" is originally an answer coined by Alan Aragon to questions such as:

  • Can I have a piece of cake in my diet or do I get fat?
  • What should I do with fast food? Can I still eat this?
  • Can I also eat chocolate while building muscle?

Is This Cake Really Wrecking Your Diet?

The answer to this is always: "If it fits your macros".

As long as the corresponding foods fit into your specifications for carbohydrates, protein and fat ("macros"), this is not a problem. It won't affect your fat loss or muscle gain and you can relax.

Example: You want to lose weight and aim for a kcal deficit of 700 kcal per day. You also count your kcal & macros. As a default you have set 200 g protein, 100 g carbohydrates and 50 g fat (= 1650 kcal).

Now in the course of your diet you are faced with the question of whether you eat a piece of cheesecake or ice cream can? And the answer is, "As long as that fits into your" macros, "you can eat them without hindering your progress."

No unnecessary self-mortification necessary. And why? Because you base your diet on scientific facts and not on fearful belief in unjustified myths.

1. What are the facts behind IIFYM?

1.1 kcal and macros are by far the most important factors for your success

The evidence is overwhelming: Whether you gain or lose weight depends primarily on yours Total intake of kcal together. Even the exact one The composition of the macros is of secondary importance.

However, the macros are very important to influence the ratio of muscle or fat mass gained or lost (especially protein!). In addition, the macros for feeling full (especially protein), athletic performance (carbohydrates), your hormonal situation (all macros), muscle breakdown (especially protein), etc. are important.

Therefore it is absolutely most important to adhere to your kcal and “macros”. All the rest is secondary.

1.2 Meal timing, satiety, food quality, etc.

When you eat what, what quality the food is, what volume or what energy density it is not so important for changing your appearance in the short term. Please read carefully: For your appearance, appearance, aesthetics - mainly the presence or absence of fat and muscles!

That is why all FE instructions to look better (men's guide, women's guide) are based on this principle.

The kcal + macros are of primary importance. Everything else comes far after that.

Is that why these other things are unimportant? No, not necessarily. It makes a lot of sense to pay attention to the details and thus to make the diet easier to maintain, to get more micronutrients or, in the long term, perhaps to get sick less often and to be able to perform better.

IIFYM does not question any of this.

It's about the simple question: "Is it bad if I eat XY?" The answer is: "No, if it fits into your macros, you can relax." But that doesn't mean that you into the other Must be extremely dilapidated!

2. Attention: What IIFYM guarantees not to mean!

You certainly shouldn't read that into IFFYM:

Diet or sports nutrition should Not only consist of fast food. That would work, but it would affect other important points such as health, satiety, well-being and thus negatively affect the long-term feasibility.

The crucial thought of IIFYM is that not every diet or good sports nutrition should be 100% clean, organic, or otherwise.

A little junk food in the diet does not immediately stop fat loss / muscle building or even has a negative impact on your performance or health.

It is not uncommon for such extreme attitudes to even lead to stress and limitations that hinder your results.

You can eat if it fits into the “macros” - but certainly not recommended as a basis for nutrition over the long term.

3. Pros and cons of IIFYM

Practically everything in life has advantages and disadvantages. This is also the case with the IIFYM method.


  • More freedom and flexibility in nutrition.
  • Less irrational notions of how your body works (“you lose weight through clean foods”).
  • No total bans on certain foods.


  • Greater planning and control effort (kcal and macros must be documented).

5. But is it therefore smart to only (or mainly) eat “junk food”?

Just because you don't have to eat a “clean” or “clean” diet to lose fat, build muscle, and improve performance isn't the complete opposite of the best way!

Theoretically, this means that you can eat burgers, pizza, donuts and the like and lose weight, build muscles, etc. As long as you keep your calories and macros!

Therefore you can e.g. B. lose weight with just cake and sweets. A nutrition professor did just that in a self-experiment: "Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds"

In practice, other factors also come into play, such as Hunger in the diet and your long term health.

5.1 Hunger in the diet

It is theoretically possible to only eat burgers and lose weight.

However, if you are tormented by constant hunger, you will not be able to hold out for long.

With lean protein, lots of fruit and vegetables, you get one with the same amount of energy much larger volume and a lot more fiber. This makes for a much stronger and longer lasting satiety.

5.2 Your health

If you only eat junk food over the long term, you will not be getting enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Often there are also many harmful trans fats, little fiber, etc.

Perhaps this will make you sick more often in the long term, or you may find yourself stressed worse or faster. All of this will sabotage your results sooner or later. Even if only kcal and macros count on paper!

For the pure fat loss in the diet, only the kcal balance and your macronutrients (KH, P, F) are decisive. However, as soon as other goals are added, it becomes a little more complex.

6. Are you addicted to the IIFYM cult?

The whole IIFYM concept has been perverted in the last few years. The pendulum swings from one side to the other.

(As is so often the case: first, fats are really “bad”. Now it's carbohydrates and fat would “not make fat”.)

These extremes are a big problem: “The calorie deficit is the decisive and most important component” becomes “only calories count - everything else is unimportant”.

Let the fat melt slowly?

The BURN diet is not a single diet, but rather a concept. It shows you various cyclical diet structures - you decide which of them best suits you and your circumstances.

The goal is always one thing: Slowly melt fat with a weight loss of approx. 0.3-0.5 kg per week with the lowest possible metabolic adjustments and high training performance despite diet.

What advantages does the Ebook on the BURN diet offer you?

  • Clear information on nutrition: You know exactly what to eat and when.
  • 1-5x training per week: You decide how often you train.
  • Flexible training: You decide whether you train strength, endurance or play and martial arts. Loose cardio optionally up to 3 times a week.
  • Refeeds & diet breaks: You have enough recovery and power for a high training performance.

Lose fat as quickly as possible?

With the high speed diet are 1-2 kg per week Fat loss possible. Quick successes ensure a great motivation boost!

Get started immediately following detailed instructions instead of laboriously gathering everything together. Absolute security and guarantees optimal results without the yo-yo effect, unnecessary hunger and muscle loss, etc.

What advantages does the HSD ebook offer you?

  • Clear rules & instructions for losing weight quickly: You are definitely doing everything right.
  • Consideration of individual factors: The HSD adapts to you.
  • Training at home AND in the gym possible: It's your choice.
  • 3 HSD-compliant training plans: The training plans guarantee optimal training while losing weight quickly.
  • 60 HSD-compliant recipes: The additional HSD cookbook guarantees you optimal recipes for quick weight loss.
  • Detailed explanations: You understand why you should be doing something about losing weight quickly.
  • Tips and tricks: Even when things get tricky, you know how to pull off the HSD.

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