How are live horses transported in airplanes

What is there in a Cargolux aircraft?

The term “freight” can be translated as “cargo” or “cargo”. This is understood to mean goods, goods or materials that are transported from one place to another. In our case, the goods are transported by plane.

The Cargolux aircraft are loaded with all imaginable objects on their flights: machines, cars, flowers, smartphones, game consoles, animals, fruits, medicines, clothes and much more. Whole helicopters and small aircraft have also been transported with Cargolux.

The many live animals that travel with Cargolux enjoy very special attention and care.

From valuable racing and breeding horses to farm animals such as cows - all of them have been guests at Cargolux. More exotic animals such as whales and a white rhinoceros that were released in Africa have already been transported. However, Cargolux has undertaken not to transport any endangered species or animals for laboratory tests.

Cargolux also brings fresh fruit from Africa and South America to Europe.

For example pineapples from Africa or mangoes from South America. The fruits are packed in boxes on the plantation and brought to the airport by truck. There they are packed onto special aircraft pallets before they are loaded onto the aircraft. When they arrive at the destination airport, the boxes are then driven back to the dealers by truck.

Why by plane?

Today we take it for granted that we can buy fruit from Africa, smartphones and computers from Asia, wine from the USA, meat from South America or clothes from China in the shops here in Europe.

The goods often have to be brought to their destination over long distances. For this reason, in addition to ships, trains and trucks, transport aircraft such as the Cargolux are used to cover long distances quickly.

Did you know?

Only 2% of the world's freight is transported by air. That's not a lot. However, these goods are often very valuable. The value of the goods is 35%.

Compared to other transport methods, air is the fastest, but also the most expensive

Perishable goods such as fruit or flowers, however, have to get to their destination quickly. Therefore, there is often only transport by plane. Rapid transport is advantageous for the transport of medication, as the risk of temperature fluctuations during transport is lower.

Where from? Where?

Textiles mainly come from Turkey or from Asian countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and China. Many electronic parts, tablets, laptops and smartphones also come from Asia. Several tons of Beaujolais red wine and cheese are brought to Japan every year. Fruit and vegetables come to your home from Africa and South America with Cargolux. Pineapples, bananas and mangoes are regularly on board. We transport many medicines to and from North America that travel under strict temperature requirements.

Cargolux flies many components for the final assembly of cars to Brazil and Mexico. Mainly perishable goods such as flowers, fruit, fish and meat are transported on the return flight. Many flowers that are sold throughout Europe, but also in the Middle East, come from Colombia or Ecuador.

In addition to the car parts and engines already mentioned, complete cars are also transported. These are not just series cars that anyone can buy, but also prototypes that are tested in secret locations.

Aircraft engines are regularly shipped from Scotland to Boeing in Seattle. Many luxury goods, cars and horses are flown to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Uniform world time

Do you know what time it is in New York right now? Or in Hong Kong?

Time plays an important role in aviation. In order not to constantly switch back and forth between the time zones, local time at longitude "0" is used as the decisive world time in aviation. This longitude runs exactly through the place Greenwich near London. Therefore the local time at 0 ° is called “Greenwich Meantime” or GMT for short.

GMT = Luxembourg time -2 hours (summer time), -1 hour (winter time).