Which venture capital firms hire students?

Venture capital

Private equity and venture capital

Venture capital is often bundled in so-called venture capital funds and made available to young companies. The shares in these venture capital funds are sold to investors. The companies in which venture capital funds invest are mostly new, promising startups that have little financial security but high development potential. Four typical financing phases can be identified:

  • Foundation / pre-seed: Potential is even more important than capital.
  • Seed: The market entry is being prepared. A team is put together. Here capital has to be available in order to be able to pay the salaries.
  • Start-up phase: Now the business idea is realized. Is there already market acceptance? Marketing has to be funded. In this phase, founders often need support with questions that arise.
  • Growth phase: the company is developing. It has to grow cautiously in order to keep up with the growth itself.

Venture capital companies distribute the investments across different regions, sectors and technologies in order to reduce the existing risk: If a venture capital provider invests too heavily in a certain sector, this increases the risk of loss if this sector turns out to be not profitable. Management support is provided by the investor companies. The last stage is the exit. Shares are then sold back to the founder at a profit or a new investor joins the company.