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In the new year, Netflix wants to make room again. Several films and series will disappear from mid to late January 2021. We reveal which content is affected.

Did you discover a film on Netflix * that you always wanted to see? Then speed is required. Is it not a Netflix Original (all content marked with a capital "N"), it could disappear again quickly. The streaming service only acquires film and series licenses for a certain period of time. If contracts with rights holders are not extended, the affected productions must be removed.

Of course invites Netflix new content is also posted almost every day, for example throughout January 2021. In return, the streaming service will drop the following films and series from its offer in the course of the month.

Netflix will remove several movies and series in January 2021

On January 14, 2021, several productions were affected, especially those from Turkey. But also American films, such as the award-winning drama "Still Alice - My Life Without Yesterday", are no longer available since that day. The next big batch of content is getting rid of Netflix on January 31st. For example, "Power Rangers" fans only have until the end of the month to watch episodes of three affected series.

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Netflix content removed on January 14, 2021:

  • "Bana Masal Anlatma"
  • "Berlin Kaplani"
  • "Carsi Pazar"
  • "Cok Filim Hareketler Bunlar"
  • "Dedemin Fisi"
  • "Deliha"
  • "Diana: In Her Own Words"
  • "Dügün Dernek - The Wedding Club"
  • "Dügün Dernek 2 - Circumcision"
  • "Eyyvah Eyvah"
  • "Eyyvah Eyvah 2"
  • "Eyyvah Eyvah 3"
  • "G.O.R.A. - A Space Movie"
  • "Hayat Öpücügü"
  • "Hokkabaz"
  • "Hostage to the Devil"
  • "Hükümet Kadin"
  • "Hükümet Kadin 2"
  • "Incir Receli 2"
  • "Kara Bela"
  • "Kocan Kadar cone"
  • "Kocan Kadar cone 2: Dirillis"
  • "Kurtulus Son Durak"
  • "Niyazi Gül Dörtnala"
  • "Patron Mutlu Son Istiyor"
  • "The Romantic Comedy"
  • "The romantic comedy 2"
  • "Sadece Sen"
  • "Save the Last Dance"
  • "Sen Kimsin"
  • "Still Alice - My Life Without Yesterday"
  • "Mucize - miracle"
  • "Unrest"
  • "Vizontele"
  • "Vizontele Tuuba"

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Netflix content removed on January 15, 2021:

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Netflix content removed on January 19, 2021:

  • "Caida del Cielo"
  • "Machete Kills"
  • "Nanga Parbat"
  • "Our earth"

Netflix content disappearing on January 20, 2021:

  • "Goosebumps 2: Scary Halloween"
  • "Fireplace 4K: crackling birch wood fire"
  • "Open fire 4K: crackling classic open fire"
  • "Open fire for home"

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Netflix content disappearing on January 22, 2021:

  • "Sibieria - Deadly Proximity"

Netflix content disappearing on January 23, 2021:

  • "The Happy Prince"
  • "Lockout"

Netflix content disappearing on January 24, 2021:

Netflix content disappearing on January 26, 2021:

Netflix content disappearing on January 31, 2021:

  • "Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal"
  • "Secret Diary of a Call Girl"
  • "Peter Pan - New Adventures"
  • "Power Rangers Dino Charge"
  • "Power Rangers Dino Super Charge"
  • "Power Rangers Megaforce"
  • "Power Rangers Super Megaforce
  • "Power Rangers Samurai"
  • "Power Rangers Super Samurai"

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These Netflix series will continue into 2021